The latest entry in the “No True Scotsman” competition: Jew-washing.

Don’t Jew-wash me, bro!

My latest at Open Zion/The Daily Beast. Click through to see my use of the term “Jew Cycle”!

The Anti-Semite, it’s been said, is that luckiest of bigots, because there’s a Jew for any conspiracy. Need a socialist plot? Have Karl Marx. Looking for capitalist machinations? Why look, here’s Baron de Rothschild!

The point of the waggery being, of course, that Jews are people—a mighty multitude, if you will. We do everything other people do, have every opinion other people have, treat each other as well or as badly as anybody else.

Witness the ridiculous neologism “Jew-washing”—the latest, Jewiest entry in the “No True Scotsman” competition.

Yitzhak Santis and Gerald M. Steinberg of NGO Monitor, the McCarthy-esque organization behind much of the anti-left bashing that’s plagued Israel and the Jewish community in recent years, introduced the inelegant turn of phrase last week in the New York Jewish Week:

At the Pittsburgh General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) earlier this month, a motion to adopt a boycott of three companies for doing business with Israel was hotly debated and narrowly defeated. At this Christian gathering, a group of “young Jewish activists” provided important “testimony” supporting the motion to isolate and demonize Israel.

You know what to do… click here for the rest, please!

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  1. We’re seeing the death throes, I think, of the ultra-conservatives. They are are so busy trying to “test” everyone for their fitness to be part of the group they “defend,” that they fail to notice the moral ground beneath them is crumbling away at an ever-increasing rate. The abyss of historical obscurity awaits their plunge. Any group that places a designation before actual humanity in any situation, that treats people as if they are eggs to be separated, that expects others to simply defer to their judgment without challenge, is an anachronism waiting to find its place in a museum case.

  2. ExpatJK

     /  August 7, 2012

    I had no idea my and my family’s opposition to the destructive Israeli settlements meant we were Jew-washers. Time to turn the Jew cards in, since we are obviously faking our heritage by holding these terrible beliefs.

  3. Roger Smart

     /  August 8, 2012

    Impressive. The Force is strong in this one… as well as the funny. Stumbled in via The Daily Beast. Will be following along from home, expect great things, etc, etc.