Bibi’s Bad Week

Dude just looks shady, mirite?

My latest at Open Zion/The Daily Beast. As usual, here’s the top — to read the thrilling conclusion, please click here!

It’s been a tough few days for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He’s been priming both the country and the international community for an attack on Iran for months, but early in the week it was reported that the IDF’s Chief of Staff and the head of the Mossad both oppose near-term unilateral action—an opinion echoed, significantly, by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The sense now is (in the words of +972 columnist Larry Derfner) that “it’s over—there will be no Israeli attack on Iran.”

Then on Thursday, this news struck:

Support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has plunged to an all-time low due to the economic diktats the government announced this week.

For the first time since Netanyahu set up his second government in April 2009, the proportion of survey respondents satisfied with his performance has fallen to just 31 percent, while 60 percent expressed dissatisfaction.

This has implications well beyond Netanyahu himself, however—as Globes reports, his entire party has taken a hit:

Gracious, what did Globes report? You might never know, if you don’t click here to read the rest.



  1. Great piece!

  2. Just as long as nobody votes for Romney in the next Israeli elections…

  3. Hi Emily – John Cole just posted this at Balloon Juice. i thought you’d be interested, if you haven’t seen it already.

    Listening to today’s political discourse, one can’t help but notice the radical change in tone. My children have watched their prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, kowtow to a fundamentalist coalition in Israel. They are convinced that what ties Israel and America today is not a covenant of humanistic values but rather a new set of mutual interests: war, bombs, threats, fear and trauma. How did this happen? Where is that righteous America? Whatever happened to the good old Israel?