Jews – are they going to vote for Romney, or what?

I did a thing! On HuffPost Live!

Yesterday I was part of a panel of American Jews (including the moderator, Mike Sacks, a former Supreme Court correspondent for The Huffington Post, now a host with HuffPost Live) talking about the American Jews and the upcoming elections, specifically: “Jews – are they going to vote for Romney, or what?”

Writer MJ Rosenberg and I came down on the “or what” side, while Michael Goldstein (the Michael Goldstein, from the ad!) and David Milstein, a college senior and president of the Young Jewish Conservatives at his school, were on the “for Romney” side.

Unfortunately, I cannae embed it. Curse you, free WordPress platform!

So please, if you would like to see me discuss this these issues with these gentlemen, click here! I think you’ll find three things to be true:

  1. I managed to not yell, which is a good thing.
  2. Every single time I said David’s name, I sounded like I was his mom (…), which was less good — sorry, David!
  3. I look rather like Lokai, resident of the planet Cheron, from the original Star Trek. By which I mean: Half my face is in shadow. WHERE  ARE MY LIGHTING TECHS?

Click here to watch, won’t you?



  1. dmf

     /  August 2, 2012

    as usual you did a good job deborah, but couldn’t they find someone with a little more depth than debate talking points boy for the conservative position?

    • Well, you know. They’re kind of a young endeavor at this point. That’s frankly part of why I was on – if they were MSNBC, they wouldn’t have called me, either…!


      • dmf

         /  August 3, 2012

        I hear you, but clearly your stock is on the rise, minus the minor name-branding issues…

  2. Bob Toy

     /  August 2, 2012


    You done good here, kiddo. Don’t worry about how you sounded–if you came across like someone’s mom, well, David certainly deserved it, ‘cos the little twerp sounds exactly like an unruly teen. Frankly, if you’d been a bit harsher with him, it’d’ve been apprapos.

    As for how you looked…’Bullwinkle and Rocky’s’ Natasha Fatale, surely. ^_^

    And why did they keep calling you ‘Emily’?

    • (I elled oh ell at this. I can hear you saying it, see the look on your face, and I straight up LOL’ed)

  3. socioprof

     /  August 2, 2012

    Debbie, can I call you Debbie? You rocked. I like that you inserted yourself in the conversation as you did. I have learned so much about Jewish Americans, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian relations from hanging here.

    As for Michael–“Dissenting analyses? Bah! Data? Pishposh! I don’t that stinkin’ stuff. Here’s what I know“.

    I hope this learned David that one’s argument is not strengthened even as one waves one’s hand and speaks louder.

    • a) I lol’ed at this one, too. A MEME IS BORN. A mini-meme. A micro-mini-meme. BUT IT’S A MEME.

      b) Thank you! I did feel like that was my one real dig, but that it was deserved: “The gentlemen on the right side of this table are rejecting reality. I find that interesting…!”

  4. Darth Thulhu

     /  August 2, 2012

    Very awesome.

    This may sound weird, but I like the dynamic that you and the others have. You are clearly set in your votes at this point. No one is converting anyone this year. Michael has an emotional reaction to Obama that is just visceral disgust at this point, and that informs his entire analysis. David has an abstract theoretical position, which does the same. You have a pragmatic-but-engaged eyes-wide-open position, which does likewise.

    I appreciate the civility and passion you were able to bring to bear with one another. I appreciate the voicing of sincere, visceral reactions. I also like to know the abstract rationales. I am happy to see pragmatic and committed engagement (and am personally heartened that, among American Jews responding to polls, it appears that the pragmatic passion viewpoint currently wins out 2-1 on these specific topics 😉 ).

    Y’all did your People proud, starting with Michael’s “use my voice” ad, continuing with your neat rebuttal here, and extending through the relevant comment exchange to that piece and this HuffPo arrangment.

    Good on all of you.

    • And thank you, too! That’s the thing for me – we’re not going to be convincing each other, so why yell about it? What we can do, maybe, is inform the people watching about our various positions. If we yell, they won’t actually hear us….