Democrat. Jewish. Still Voting for Obama.

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I am just so tired of the Romney campaign and the GOP in general lying about me and mine. I would like to be one of the people who publicly calls them out…. Please and thank you! (But only if you like it!)

Here’s the top:

Dear Michael,

(Can I call you Michael? We’re mishpucha, right?)

I hear you voted for Barack Obama in ‘08, but that you’ll be voting for Mitt Romney this time. I hear this, because the Romney campaign has told me, loudly.


First of all: Far be it from me to suggest that you don’t have a right to be disappointed in the guy you voted for! I’ve been disappointed with this President a time or two myself, and what is democracy if not the opportunity to express that disappointment in the voting booth? You don’t like the bums? Vote the bums out, I say!

But here’s what I will say, and if you’ve got a glass of tea, I’d be grateful.

You say you’ve decided to change your vote for a number of reasons, but the Romney campaign has zeroed in on one very specific thing hasn’t it? We see that specific thing right under your name on the screen: “Democrat. Jewish. Voted for Obama.”

The Romney campaign likes you not for your economic opinions or that nice kugel you brought them, but rather because you’re a Jew who will say “Fie!” on the President. You’re a Jew who will help them and the GOP writ large further the narrative (as financed by the likes of Sheldon Adelson) that a) Jews are abandoning Obama and b) Jews vote on Israel.

But Michael. Michael, Michael, Michael! You and I both know that neither of those things are true!

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  1. Y’know, TNC was writing the other day about how much effort winds up being spent debunking obvious, discredited lies, like about black Confederates. I was writing at Jonathan Bernstein’s blog about how people actually vote, despite the narrative every year that “Jews think Kerry/Obama/Gore is too scary!”: “We’ve been hearing this ever since Obama became the Democratic nominee in 2008. Jews don’t trust him! He had Palestinian friends! There’s that Reverend Wright! Here’s an article from May 2008: “As Obama Heads to Florida, Many of Its Jews Have Doubts.” And guess what: Obama won 78 percent of Jewish votes anyway. John Kerry got 74 percent in 2004, and Al Gore got 79 percent in 2000. In other words, Obama did pretty much exactly as well as other Democrats.”

  2. Top notch work, lady.

  3. zlionsfan

     /  July 25, 2012

    It’s just another setup, isn’t it? They’re using a Jewish* guy to bait the base into turning out, which seems kind of silly given that they seem to turn out for anyone with an R by their name, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a platform, when the only thing you can really say is “not that guy”. Everything you do has to be “not what he does”.

    I really, really hope that 2012 will be the end of the Tea Party-corrupted Republican Party. I preferred elections where it wouldn’t be the End of Days if “my” candidate lost.

    *assuming that he is, in fact, Jewish, and that he is a Democrat, and that he did vote for Obama, although I guess it doesn’t matter if all they need is someone who’s willing to hang a sign around his neck. This is Romney’s campaign we’re talking about, so those could be lies as well. It’s to the point that probably needs an entire section for Romney and his campaign.

  4. socioprof

     /  July 26, 2012

    Excellent. I love the tone that you wrote in there. I neither tweet nor facebook, so I’ll be all old school and do like we used to do in the olden days, like 2005, and email your article.

    When your commentors at OZ have to use Newsmax to refute you, I’d say that is a sure sign that you are right.

  5. Michael Goldstein

     /  July 31, 2012

    Dear Sweet Bubbele Emily,

    ( Can I call you Emily? We definitely are mispucha Emily I even have political arguments with those in my family-some of whom think that I am to Liberal)

    I hear you wrote an article addressing me about my vote for Obama in ’08 and that you were somewhat peeved that I had changed my mind and was for Romney in’12. I hear that because my Liberal friends have told me that I should read it and respond in kind.

    I wish I were a professional writer like you so I could express my deeply held feelings on this matter.

    First of all: I would never think that someone who obviously has a great deal of knowledge about democracy and the world would ever deny someone their right to vote as they wish, or to exercise their 1st Amendmant rights to speak out about who they were voting for and why they were voting for that individual. I am very happy that you totally agree with me on this point.

    Exactly as you expressed in my favorite Brooklyn phraseology “You don’t like the bums”, “Vote the bums out.” Which is exactly what I plan on doing.

    But here is how I feel, I hope you don’t mind while I grab a glass of tea. Hold on a minute its hot. The trick is to blow on it and add a cube of sugar.

    My grandmother who survived the holocaust liked to put the cube between her teeth and only drank out of a glass. But that is another story. We American Jews won’t ever let someone like my grandmother go through anything like that again, will we?

    You know even the slightest possibility of a nation that might obtain nuclear weapons and threaten Israel keeps me awake at night. I hope you too didn’t lose alot of family during the holocaust. But unfortunately I lost many, many family members on both sides of my fathers family, thankfully none on my Moms.

    Let me take a sip of that tea. Reminds of Grandma’s kitchen in Brighton Beach.

    I decided to change my vote after much careful deliberation and soul searching. Ultimately it came down to one major item.

    I no longer believed anything Barack Obama said. Perhaps you can understand because at the bottom of your letter you to expressed disatisfaction with his actions as opposed to his words. So you I think know exactly what I mean only coming at it from the other side.

    I don’t feel used at all by the Romney campaign despite what you might think. I am very proud to speak the truth as I believe you are. We both understand that this man doesn’t keep his promises, so why should things be different during a second term?

    Hold on I’m going to grab a piece of rugelach- I wish I could share it with you, it really is delicious, old shtetl recipe.

    Where was I ? Oh yes now I remember. Just wondering Emily how did you as a Liberal Jew feel about Obama and his kill list and all those nasty little drones targeting individuals in the Mid East, or about GITMO and the promises made during his campaign to release prisoners and give them counsel and open trials, or how about his promise to have an open and free White House and release information like the “Fast and Furious” documents that cost the lives of so many?

    How did you feel about him being dragged kicking and screaming into his support of Gay marriage by Joe Biden and half hearted at that, or his cowardice after Aurora in taking on the gun lobby and calling for a true ban to assault weapons? I can probably guess that you like me thought about perhaps switching your vote or sitting this one out.

    How do you feel about all those days of playing golf, more than a hundred I understand- even more than eisenhower, or the basketball games at the White House, or the hundreds of fundraisers, or the countless trips, by his wife, his children and the Presiden all over All the while attacking millionaires and billionaires but comfortably spending millions of tax payer dollars friviously and on his pleasures?

    Everyone deserves a rest and vacation, I went to Pennsylvania Dutch country with my kids this summer and stayed at a motel for $95 a night. We could afford four nights. During a recession or the beginning of a recession maybe you should put away the $7,000 coat that Mrs O wore the other night or the trip to Mexico for your kids and their friends with the huge Secret Service detachment.

    Another sip of tea…much cooler.

    Perhaps you have thought of voting for Ralph Nader or Roseanne like some of my liberal friends. I encourage you to seek out other candidates that are more in line with your political thoughts.

    I am proud to support Jews like Shelly Adelson as you are proud to support Jews like George Soros. Don’t you see Emily we are so very much alike.

    But Emily, Emily, Emily, Emily, Emily…..Emily,Emily,Emily,Emily you and I both don’t really think Obama is a good President!!!

    He really hasn’t made the economy any better. You and I both know that. He inherited a disaster from GW Bush, a disaster. But he has had 4 years, what gives?

    I loved the values survey you quote from. Unfortunately I am just a regular, suburban, Jewish, middle class father of two. I don’t usually go by surveys. I think they are basically crap- sorry for the wording. But thats what they are. I never answer honestly when I am asked by one especially personal questions about religion or politics or money. Do you?

    I go by my heart, my feelings, my instinct and yes my gut.

    Since the ad came out I have received about 120 phone messages, emails and Facebook messages as well as another 20 or so personal contacts with Jewish Americans.

    So Emily here is my survey.

    Most of them voted for Obama the last time around. 2 or 3 voted for McCain.

    I would say a little more than half will be voting for him again.Most like you are disappointed in him for varying reasons. I think as of today Romney actually might have a lead in the polls which I also think are not worth the paper they are written on.

    I think many Jews will be switching from Obama to Romney. I amy be wrong but I can feel it. Just by the interactions I have been having.

    My tea has gone ice cold. Let me go to the stove and get some hot water while I consider some ideas.

    They are from all areas of life – some are individuals I have known in the past others only through Facebook and still others who called after seeing the articles in the papers. I think it may be just as good a dempgraphic as the Jewish Values Survey.

    Some are doctors, teachers, lawyers, unemployed, housewives,, retirees, college students, plumbers, insurance agents, restaurant owners,, accountants, salesmen, professors, rabbis and amny , other professions.

    Many expressed that they too would now be voting for Obama. Others said that they were afraid to come out in public with their stance to labeled a traitor,racist or that somehow they were being used.

    Just like Nancy Pelosi, Mr. Obamas friend said about us being manipulated, in a way which I took as decidely anti-semitic. I appreciate her thoughts that Jews are intelligent but the crack about paying taxes was offensive don’t you think?

    Adelson is not buying any more new reality than Soros is trying to buy. They kind of balance things like you and I do.

    You and I also seem to disagree in the matter of Christian support for the State of Israel based upon their biblical beliefs.

    Many Jews are very wary of these Christian supporters, they want to convert us, the only reason they support Israel is because they are waiting for Aarmeggedon and they need Israel to make it happen, they are using the Jews to fufill their biblical prophecies.

    I can definitely understand why given the history of Jews with varying persuasions of Christians as well as Muslims.

    I have many friends who are these people. All of them express to me a different viewpoint than the one above. They love Israel as an ally of the Unites States because they believe the Jews are the chosen people, they believe we are their brothers and sisters, they have a strong affinity and a familial bond with us because of Christ’s Judiaism.

    I welcome their love and support.Even though I might disagree with them on many issues just like I can disagree with you.

    Emily I love this country and I am afraid I do believe in American Exceptionalism as I do in Israeli Exceptionalism.

    I believe the threats spoken by the Iranian government against the Israelis.

    I believe that Iran is close to having a nuclear weapon.

    I believe that Barack Obama will not stop that weapon from being developed.

    I believe that the weapon will be used against Israel.

    I believe our only chance is to elect Mitt Romney the 45th President of the United States of America to stave off the development of this weapon.

    As my grandmother Frieda instilled in my core “Always Remember, Never Again”

    I know you don’ beleive as I do . I hope you are right. I know that you cannot be absolutely sure.

    Oops I almost forgot to mention that I agree with many parts of Obamacare, love the way he speaks from a teleprompter, think he is devilishly handsome, ariculate and bright. I love that he has a strong family and an awesome three point shot. I will of course not be voting for him again. I think he will make a much better ex-President than Jimmy Carter. I will give money towards his library.

    I just hope that he starts building it in ’12 and not in ’16.

    I’m holding out hope to.

    Shalom andGai gezunterhai to you,


    Michael Goldstein

    The Guy from the Video

    PS You have my permission to reprint this. I have to go finish my rugelach.

    • A) Is this really you? Cool!

      B) You may pretend that reality is not reality — that is your God-given and American right — but honestly now. Just the other day, another NEW Gallup poll shows that American Jews prefer Obama to Romney by a HUGE margin, 68% vs 25%:

      C) We’re still only 2% of registered voters.

      D) I actually think that Obama has been a pretty great President. He’s made some mistakes (who among us hasn’t?) but he’s been largely terrific. IMHO. So you may “know” whatever you know, but please refrain from putting words in my mouth (or, I suppose, thoughts in my head).

      E) Did you see the teleprompters at Romney’s speech in Jerusalem? (Teleprompters don’t bother me at all – every public speaker uses them – but since the GOP makes a silly point about it, I like to point these things out).

      F) See ya.

    • PS You really should go leave this at Open Zion – my blog is tiny, dude.

  6. Michael Goldstein

     /  July 31, 2012

    It’s really me. Didn’t think I put any words in your mouth or your head. Just being tongue in cheek as i thought you were.

    • Well, yes. And I suppose I put thoughts in your head when I said “we both know” that a couple of things aren’t true in the original piece. I apologize for that!

  7. Dear Michael Goldstein,

    I know you thought long and hard about your decision to switch your vote. I hope that your decision is not chiseled in stone and that you will switch again if presented with new insights. I believe Romney’s election will increase the likelihood of war in the Middle East.. a war that will ultimately lead to Israel’s destruction. Even if Iran were to magically disappear along with its nuclear threat, Romney’s uncritical and automatic support of Israel could lead to its destruction, just as those who enable a junkie to continue his drug abuse contribute to the junkie’s demise.

    Before I lay out the reason why I say that, I want to clear up one red herring. Benjamin Netanyahu stated recently that all options in dealing with Iran were on the table. That is simply wrong. Israel is likely to drag us into a war with Iran over Iran’s nuclear program because it isn’t exploring all possible options. Now, I agree with Netanyahu that Iran must be prevented from building a nuclear weapon, and if war is the only way to do so, then so be it. But there is one option that Israel HASN’T tried–Israel has not put ITS nuclear weapons on the table. Israel should agree to subject its program to the same IAEA inspections that it wants Iran to agree to. Israel should also make a token gesture towards the goal of making the Middle East a nuclear weapons free zone by dismantling 5% of its warheads. Iran is likely to be much more ready to give up its program if it can get something for it in return. My plan is too long to go into here, but check it out on my website. If implemented, it could resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis, lead to at least a partial solution to the problem of the Palestinian Right of Return, and set the table for Iranian recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

    Now that this red herring has been dealt with, I’ll explain why Romney’s victory will increase the likelihood of war and Israel’s ultimate destruction. For some background information, I ask you to first read settler leader Dani Dayan’s New York Times OpEd piece where he calls for Israel to annex the West Bank.

    Dayan does not say whether the Palestinians living in the West Bank will be given voting rights and made equal citizens in an expanded Israel. If they aren’t given the right to vote then Israel will officially become an apartheid state.

    Now, read this Haaretz OpEd piece by Ron Pundak, co-chairman of the Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum. He points out that even if Israel doesn’t formally annex the West Bank, Netanyahu’s policies of encouraging settlements in Area C may well make a two-state solution impossible.

    What are the alternatives to a two state solution? A one state solution in which the Jewish vote is so diluted that Israel may one day lose its Jewish character? A one state apartheid solution in which much of its Arab residents are denied citizenship and the right to vote? A state of permanent semi-war footing between Israel and its neighbors?
    The balance of power is now in Israel’s favor should it decide to Annex the West Bank. The Arab/Muslim world is weak and cannot do anything about it now. But only a fool would expect the situation to last.

    If the Palestinians in the West Bank are not given the right to vote then they will revolt against Israel at every opportunity they can find. There will be no end to the unrest unless Israel crushes the revolt ruthlessly. The more ruthless Israel is in crushing the revolt, the more it will inflame in the Muslim world (and much of the rest of the world as well). Even IF the Arabs in the West Bank are given full citizenship with voting rights, there is still no guarantee that they will become happy loyal citizens of Israel. They might still harbor grievances and long for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

    And how will these grievances play out in the rest of the world? Many members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood want to break Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. They are looking for a reason, any reason, to call the whole thing off. Continued expansion, and especially annexation, would give them an excuse on a silver platter.

    How will Israel’s annexation of the West Bank affect the government of Saudi Arabia? Will they adopt a hard-line stance against Israel in order to avoid outrage on the streets at their passivity? If they don’t adopt a hard-line towards Israel, could this provide the spark needed for a widespread popular uprising against the government? Could the Saudi regime be swept away in the conflagration and be replaced by one that is more hostile to Israel and the West? If so, then what will this do to gas prices and the economy? Even if Mitt Romney has a better plan for the U.S. economy than Obama does, will missteps in Israel torpedo his plan?

    Syria is in no position to join an attack against Israel now, but who knows what the situation will be like in two or three years? No matter who is in power, annexation is going to inflame the streets of not just Syria, but Jordan and the entire Muslim world.

    And you can bet China and Russia will be happy to sell Israel’s neighbors weapons they can use to attack her.

    So… Israel may face an uprising on the West Bank at the same time it is attacked on multiple fronts. And just how loyal will Israel’s Arab citizens, who constitute roughly 20% of its population, be?

    Finally, consider how the U.S. will react if Israel annexes the West Bank without giving its Arab population full citizenship rights. Are we willing to go to war to defend Israel’s right to be an apartheid state? How will we pay for this war, given our current economic situation? And if we don’t come to Israel’s defense then how will Israel survive?

    There is one more thing you should consider: If we do go to war on Israel’s behalf–a war in which it is likely to be just the U.S. and Israel against most of the rest of the world–and if we lose many soldiers, then expect a backlash against the Jews in the U.S.

    This is why we need a president who will forcefully speak out against further Israeli expansion. This is why we need a president who will publicly say to Israel, “If you annex the West Bank then you are on your own. Expect no help from us.” Ignoring Israel’s expansion activity is equivalent to ignoring a drug addict’s addiction while it is slowly killing him. Vigorously opposing further settlement expansion is not being anti-Israel. Vigorously opposing further settlement expansion is called tough love.

    Who is more likely to show this tough love to Israel, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Obama has so far been a disappointment. He started out well by trying to get the Israelis to freeze their settlements, but when Netanyahu and his supporters in AIPAC resisted, Obama folded like an Origami master on steroids.

    Romney, on the other hand, refuses to criticize Israeli settlements. “My view,” said Romney, ” is that the United States’ role is to stand by our ally, to show not a dime’s worth of distance diplomatically between us and Israel, to work to bring the parties together and to see progress.” Any issues we have with the settlements, he insists, should only be spoken of privately between the President and Israeli leaders.
    Since Romney won’t discuss his position on the settlements, we can only use circumstantial evidence to guess what he’ll be telling the Israeli’s. Here are the clues he’s left so far.

    1. He did not stop in Ramallah to visit the leaders of the Palestinian Authority after visiting Israel.
    2. He insulted the Palestinians by implying that their culture was inferior to the Israelis.
    3. Romney told Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room that he considered Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital. This is a break with all previous Presidents who have refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He revealed how clueless he was about the Israeli situation when he revealed that he didn’t even know that the Israeli’s have long been asking us to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

    4. Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson was one of the more high profile attendees at Romney’s fundraiser in Israel. Adelson strongly opposes a two state solution and believes that Israel should keep control of the West Bank. He has vowed to spend $100 million to defeat Obama and he once withdrew support from AIPAC because he thought they were too soft on the Palestinians.

    Given these clues, it is hard to imagine Romney criticizing anything that Israel does, even in private. If anything, a Romney victory will be interpreted by the settlers as a green light to build even faster. There is no guarantee that Obama will be able to prevent a war by pressuring the Israelis to halt or slow down their expansion. But at least he is aware that settlements are a problem. Romney with all his money, on the other hand, couldn’t buy a clue.

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