What is white privilege, pt II.

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin killing, I wrote a post called “What is white privilege.” As of today, I think that post can pretty well be summed up thusly:

If you watch the following and realize that you have never needed to share any of these tips with anyone you love, you’re living with a very particular kind of privilege.


This is our America. What are we going to do about it?

For more about the song and the clip, click hereh/t @elonjames and @jasiri_x


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What is white privilege.


  1. It saddens me that 1) this video has to exist at all, 2) Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream still seems like a too distant idea, 3) that Americans — as a whole — are not more outraged about this, and 4) that I get to avoid these vicissitudes mainly because I am a white man. More older white men have stolen more money from more people than all the minority thieves combined, and they get to keep their corner offices and corporate jets.

  2. This fits in very nicely with the ELBC’s trip through Foner’s Reconstruction: we’re barely into Reconstruction proper, and already I can see common threads between those days and ours.

    Too many people not concerned because they aren’t the victims (yet). Too many people more than happy to deprive others for no reason other than the fear that they may have to share some of what they have (which most likely was obtained at the expense of others anyway). Too many people growing up in an environment they feel powerless to change.

    I’m just thinking (again) about what this video is saying: if you’re not white, you’re going to be stopped, and you’re going to be frisked. Know that you only have a subset of the rights that are due you; play the game their way or risk your life.

    From what that video said, NYPD made one stop-and-frisk for every 40 people in NYC … in three months. (I didn’t say one in 40 people because I’m almost positive there were people getting stopped multiple times.) It’s crazy. The largest city in the US, and you have to have a guide on how to not get killed by police (unless you’re white).

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