Update on the scheduled executions of Warren Hill and Yokamon Hearn.

Following up on Monday’s post regarding the scheduled executions of two mentally disabled men, Warren Hill and Yokamon Hearn:

Georgia decided yesterday to postpone the execution of Hill until next Monday, “as it makes changes to its lethal-injection protocol… switching to a single drug, pentobarbital, from a combination of three drugs.” Yokamon Hearn is still scheduled to be executed in Texas today.

If you’re in/near Georgia, here’s a list of vigil sites for Warren Hill; if you’re in/near Texas, here’s a list of sites for Yokamon Hearn.

Please go if you can. These men, mentally disabled or not, are entirely guilty of their crimes — and adding to the death toll will help no one, least of all their victims. We need to find a way to not choose death when the option to choose life yet remains.


  1. dave in texas

     /  July 18, 2012


    Texas is switching to a single drug method, too. There was a story in the Austin American Statesman some time back that noted several of states were having to change their execution protocols because drug companies didn’t want their products to be used in executions. I hope that’s another step (of a veeerry long journey, I’m afraid) in ending this barbaric practice.

    • dave in texas

       /  July 18, 2012

      well, crap. Somewehere along the line I put the wrong url in there. Yokamon Hearn will be Texas’ first single-drug lethal injection.