Bill Kristol and the Emergency Committee for Israel – liars, or very forgetful?

Very quickly:

Yesterday, the Emergency Committee for Israel — a rather unsavory amalgam of Israel hawks, general neo-conservatives, and Evangelical Christians — released an ad attacking President Obama on his Iran policy:

The ad comes as the next round of nuclear talks with Iran will take place in Moscow next week, discussions that have yielded little in the past. The Obama administration has maintained that it has instituted the toughest sanction’s yet on the country, though ECI, citing the International Atomic Energy Agency, says that in the meantime Iran has enriched enough Uranium to build five nuclear bombs.

“President Obama has spent four years talking, Iran has spent four years building,” the narrator says ominously. “Obama is still talking, and Iran has enough fuel for five nuclear bombs…Talking isn’t working. It’s time to act — before it’s too late.”

But here’s the funny thing:

Exactly one month ago today, Bill Kristol, Republican/neo-conservative/Israel hawk and chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel, said the following, while sitting with a kipa on his head in a synagogue, not two yards from J Street’s Jeremy Ben-Ami:

I’m happy to sit here and agree with President Obama [on Iran] to a considerable degree, at least as the policy has moved in the last two or three years.


So, yeah. Very, very forgetful? Or liars?

Or maybe, just possibly, playing politics with very little concern for the fall-out for genuine security needs of both Israel and the US? Hmm.

If you’re curious: Israel’s intelligence community largely agrees not with Bill Kristol circa June, but with Bill Kristol circa May — and, not incidentally, with President Obama’s general policy. So, there’s that.


  1. dave in texas

     /  June 15, 2012

    This is kind of a hobbyhorse that I ride, but why on earth does anyone give any credence whatsoever to anything that Bill Kristol says? As near as I can recall, he hasn’t been right about much of anything for at least the last decade. I mean, I know his father was an influential conservative publisher and all, but that seems to be the sum total of his qualifications. I know good and well there are conservatives out there who are smart, and even occasionally right about things. I’m not sure Bill Kristol is either of those.

    • I join you in your sense of gob-smacked-ness. And yet the fact is: He is treated as Very Serious. Sigh.

      • Want2Know

         /  June 15, 2012

        Kristol is treated seriously because he is a formidile and effective practitioner of the kind of political warfare in style today. Kristol’s part as a strategist in some of the most important polcy battles of the last 30 years cannot be overstated. He plays to win and often does.

  2. “…a rather unsavory amalgam of Israel hawks, general neo-conservatives, and Evangelical Christians”

    An unholy alliance if ever there was one.

  3. Want2Know

     /  June 15, 2012

    You mean Bill Kristol was inconsistent? Been on both sides of the issue? He doesn’t care and neither does Willard Mitt Romney, who is thriving as the master of inconsitency. It shows they are “flexible”, can change their minds and are not locked into rigid ideological postions. The ability to reasses and reappraise is the very essence of great leadership. It will comfort and reassure moderates as well. Don’t you feel better already?

  4. Dissembling is the artful way of almost lying, that Neocons have down to an art form.

    Example: there’s more than enough uranium in the rocks beneath Pittsburgh, to make 5 atom bombs.

    Does this make anyone who excavates a basement in Pittsburgh, an “enricher of uranium”?

    In the sense that some shovelsful of rocks contain more uranium than others, yes.

    In the sense that the isotopes of uranium, fissile 235U are separated from 238U and concentrated to form a critical mass, no.

    Iran has had a lot of experience at digging tunnels, and essentially no success at separating the two uranium isotopes.

    Without isotope separation, there is no Iranian nuclear threat.

    Iran’s real trouble is its’ public debt. It’s politicians and clerics need oil to be priced at $117 a barrel, to continue living in the style to which they’ve become accustomed.

    Following the example of North Korea, it seems apparent that Iran’s government will continue making a nuisance of itself, until it receives payoff money to close its’ nuclear program

    Which liikely explains the reaction of senior Mossad officials, to the Netanyahu government’s push for war with iran. The situation justifies no war, and certainly no payoffs to iran’s leaders. $70 a barrel oil will bring Ahmedinajad down, all by itself.

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