Housekeeping – aka: WordPress sucks.

Apparently WordPress is introducing the “improvements” it’s been threatening to introduce for some time, and so far what this means for me is:

  1. Writing is literally, physically harder, because the form into which one types one’s posts is no longer in the center of the screen. 
  2. I can no longer preview my posts before hitting “publish” (which, given my propensity for typos, is a real issue) — unless I go to “Dashboard” and write from there (or so WordPress tells me).
  3. I have yet to find a direct link to “Dashboard” from the new “Write a Post” page, so in order to write a new post via Dashboard, I have to hunt for it.
  4. Upon finding Dashboard, I discovered that the old “Write a Post” page still comes up, right in the center of the screen – it just doesn’t work. Or, rather, the words one types are invisible, unless and until one highlights them with the cursor. Which one cannot do while actually typing.
  5. And the Preview doesn’t work anyway.


I actually had a post that I wanted to write, but now I’m going to sit back and hope that WordPress works out its bugs over the next day or so. If it doesn’t, and if I can’t find a way to write posts that isn’t literally, physically more difficult, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’d love to say that I’ll find some other blogging platform, but the idea of researching all that, and possibly paying money for it (so that I can continue to blog for free) makes my head ache. So, you know: GAH.

Also, too, PS:

Dear People Who Improve Things,

If your improvements are not intuitive to the people who use your product and have been using your product for years, then your improvements suck. Stop making things look pretty for you and your friends. Start making them serviceable. Gorramn morons. (Bitly and Google? I’m looking at you, too).

No love from me,



  1. David L

     /  June 12, 2012

    I’ve gotten annoyed enough with the WP back-end that I’m writing my own replacement for my blog. Unfortunately, coding for my own personal projects tends to take a back seat to “I’ve been staring at code at work all day/all week. I don’t want to do it any more,” so it’s taking forever.

  2. efgoldman

     /  June 12, 2012

    Neither LG&M nor Balloon Juice seem to have the same problems. Are they using a paid version?

    • Either that, or they knew how to overcome, or WP is rolling out changes bit by bit, and I got hit before other people (that’s what Twitter did).

      • I’m thinking it must be this. My mother got hit yesterday/today.

        I have seen zero sign of any of this and have no idea what you people are talking about, except that it sounds stressful and distressing.

  3. Do you use Windows, Em? If so–Windows has a free Blogwriter (Windows Live Writer) that I use for my own WP blog. It lets me compose in a window (Like MS Word) and then just hit “publish.” It works with private WP blogs and with the free version you use.

    You can also publish direct from MS Word into your blog, if you have the newer versions of Word.

    This might be too much info, and might not fit your circumstances, but I’ve found that using LiveWriter has made it very easy to create and post content.

    Anyway, I share your pain on the interface changes. I don’t understand why companies “fix” things. I use Foresquare, for instance, on my Android phone to “check in” to places (announce to the world that yes, I am at Starbucks again–and I don’t know why this is cool, but all my friends do it, so it’s cool). Every so often Foresquare changes things so I am puzzled about my basic task: how do I check in? All new features, of course, but the basic task has been moved and hidden because they want me to do all sorts of other stuff, too.

    I think WP does that same kind of stuff. “Hey, we want our users to do other more interesting things. But write a blog post? That’s not critical.”

    • Someone actually mentioned this to me on Twitter this morning, and I’ve found how I can blog via Word, so I’m going to try that tomorrow, if things haven’t magically been fixed. I’m a little uncertain about uploading images and videos, but I’ll figure that out. Or I won’t! Stupid, stupid WordPress.

      I actually said on Twitter this morning that what they’ve done is made the blogging platform perfect for people who want to be on Tumblr but aren’t on Tumblr. It’s very easy to post images and videos and quotes now – just not very easy to actually write.

      • I used the word “actually” three times here. I’m not a happy blogger.

        • corkingiron

           /  June 12, 2012

          No worries – I just read each of them with a different accent. In my head, I can do a killer Russian accent….

  4. Emily

     /  June 12, 2012

    Aaah that’s frustrating. I am in the midst of attempting to build an online exhibit in WordPress and have been having enough trouble trying to get something a little more visually complex than “giant box of text in center of page, sidebar on right” to work…I’m almost afraid to see if it’s even worse now, but it might be the kick in the pants I’ve been waiting for to start over on a different platform.

    Doesn’t this stuff just make you wish you’d learned to code websites from scratch years ago? Sigh.

  5. Gah. I’m having the same problems. WTF, WordPress?

  6. …and to think I was considering other options than Blogger (aka the Goggle-bought blog service)…

    Sorry the WP is getting changes you don’t like. You should be able to directly contact the WordPress people and list your complaints, with the underlying statement that you’ve broadcast your concerns and will use Word of Mouth to scare away others from their product. Break out the thermal detonators, boss, it’s time to go to the mattresses.