Knesset Member Calls for Jailing of Human Rights Activists – Open Zion post.

Well, here’s news that’ll clear your sinuses:

It was reported this week that at a hearing to discuss the African immigrant crisis, MK Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich (of Kadima, the “centrist” party that just joined Netanyahu’s ruling coalition and which for a time was the most powerful party in the country) had this to say about the human rights organizations that have come to the immigrants’ aid:

There are human rights organizations which, if you’d allow them today to take planes or buses and carry out a ‘transfer’ on Haredim and settlers, they would—all of them—be the first to load them onto the buses.

They’d be the first to give them a sandwich with bread and chocolate and transfer the Haredim and settlers out of the state of Israel.

…These phonies—first of all I would jail them all for incitement of Jews against Jews. This is Solution Number One: to jail all human rights [activists].

…We can transport them afterwards to those same places that we’re building, the camps. Let them work there.

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  1. aaron singer

     /  June 1, 2012

    Jews? Protesters? Transporting? Camps? Perhaps a poor choice on her part?

    • aaron singer

       /  June 1, 2012

      Poor choice of words, I meant. Just thinking of what the story’s keywords/tags would be…

      • ExpatJK

         /  June 2, 2012

        Indeed, her statement is a huge gift to the “Israelis are modern day Nazis” crowd.

  2. dmf

     /  June 2, 2012

    supadupastar ee, we knew her when…

    • dmf

       /  June 2, 2012

      all too often the only emotion shown on the intertubes is outrage so to see some tearful love around a political/nationalist issue was quite moving.