New Proof Gaza’s Still Occupied

Today in Good News for Emily: I’m going to be posting more frequently at Open Zion – starting today!

In addition to my every-other-week column that’s meant to be somewhat op/ed-y, I’ll be doing the occasional quick hit that’s more typical of blogs. Today I pivoted off a small story in Ma’an News (a Palestinian news agency) about the fact that Israel has allowed the first export of clothes from Gaza in about five years:

Here’s a small story out of Gaza, one not likely to get picked up much in the Western press but which speaks volumes about the nature of Israel’s continuing control over life in Gaza, despite the 2005 withdrawal:

Israel allowed on Monday the export of Palestinian-made clothes from the Gaza Strip for the first time in at least five years, a Palestinian official said.

Raed Fattouh, who coordinates supplies into Gaza, said a truck carrying 2,000 pieces of mainly woolen garments were exported through the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing towards an Israeli seaport en route to Britain….

(Because, you know. Keeping Gazans from exporting clothes isn’t at all like collective punishment. Not even a little bit).

To read the rest, as per the yoozh, please click here!

PS I’m hoping to get a real post up on this here blog at some point today. Fingers crossed!



  1. Emily, Emily, Emily. Please!

    The real reason why Gazans must not export clothrs, is that fewer Gazan children will take a demagogue up on the offer of a cash payout to their surviving parents and siblings, if they strap on explosives and go blow themselves up.

    If the former Palestine ran out of suicide bombers, strictly for economic reasons, that would force the ultra-right hate lobby in America to re-think it’s whole Mideast policy. After all, if peace broke out in Israeli-occupied territory, there’d be no money to keep the war going. Moderates would get elected to political office, and would build up the local economy to what it was before 1967…close to a self-sustaining third-world country. Then the ugly alliance between Israeli haters and American haters would be without an enemy!

    This is not in the slightest bit about collective punishment. This is about keeping a war going! How ever can there be Peace With Honor, if history were to discover that the entire enterprise of War is inherently evil and dishonorable? It’s not at all about punishment…the haters need this war to preserve their collective vanity! After all, if the Gene Pool lacks a shallow end for the inferior races, what’s a racist to do, but admit he believes in a lie? Haters are never wrong. They’ll prove it by circular arguments, that only inferior creatures like me, call illogical. So the hater, once at war, truly has only two options…admit he’s equally capable of having false ideas…or die while still hating.

    (Geez, that sounds so wicked, maybe some haters will admit to your “collective punishment” charge, because it’s less evil than admitting themselves to be psychopaths who put less value on human life than they put on keeping a lie in circulation.)

    Seriously, Emily, thanks a ton for caring about what’s right.

  2. herb glatter

     /  May 17, 2012

    you may have missed this report:
    The Gaza District Coordination and Liaison (DCL) coordinated today the passage of approximately 2,000 sweaters from the Gaza strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

    Those clothing products are expected to arrive at the Port of Ashdod on their way to England.

    That textile export is part of the possibility to export agricultural products and furniture from the Gaza Strip to foreign markets. During the current season, more than 600 tons of strawberries, 250 tons of tomatoes, 50 tons of pepper and approximately 10,000,000 flowers, were exported thus far.