Fridays with Billy – & Jian!

Not Billy Bragg. The other guy.

I had no thought as to which Billy Bragg track I wanted to post today – and lo, as I searched around there in the YouTubes, I found this! Our Billy chatting with my newest radio crush, Jian Gomeshi! (Jian broadcasts on CBC in Canada and his show, Q, is also broadcast on NPR. And I want to be his friend. But nothing creepy – I also want to be Billy’s friend).

So you know what? Here’s Billy being charming and friendly and talking about politics and soccer and fear of flying with old Jian. Followed by the song he performed in studio, “I Almost Killed You.”


PS: As fans of “Fridays with Billy” will recall, Billy once sang with a Canadian lobster puppet called Captain Claw. Captain Claw (seen here singing about getting to the toilet on time) was among a menagerie of puppets who once appeared on Canadian kids’ TV, under the gentle tutelage of a puppet yam (as in: sweet potato) called Mamma Yamma. A couple of years after interviewing Billy, Jian Gomeshi interviewed Mamma Yamma. Wheels within wheels, people, wheels within wheels!




  1. Girl, you’re behind the times! I’ve had a crush on Jian Ghomeshi for (ulp) fifteen years, since back when he was part of Moxy Fruvous. (Do you know from them? You’ll like them. Consult K.Cox if not believing me.) He has a sister who is a linguistics professor in…Manitoba…? and when she happened to come to speak at our college, there might have been a lot of people more interested in seeing “Jian’s sister” than in her excellent work. Sorry, Professor Ghomeshi…

    • Girl, you’re behind the times! So I hear! : )

      My only excuse was that I was in a foreign land for a very long time. Dear Jian – Please forgive me!