The breathtaking cruelty of Florida Gov Rick Scott.

I’ve been thinking a lot and writing a little about the idea that bigotry is, in essence, cruelty and lies, and that the current conservative movement is marked by all three.

Well, if you were still looking for one, here’s your sign:

With a flick of his pen, Florida’s tea party Republican governor, Rick Scott, used a line-item veto to cut funding to the state’s rape crisis centers last week—in the middle of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

…The state legislature had approved $1.5 million to help close the gap so the centers could keep serving the approximately 700,000 women in Florida who’ve been victims of rape. But in reviewing the state’s $70 billion budget, Scott decided last Tuesday that the .002 percent slated for the crisis centers was just too much. He used his line-item power to veto the funds, alongside $141 million in other cuts targeting a wide range of projects, including an indigent psychiatric medicine program, Girls Incorporated of Sarasota County, the Alzheimer’s Family Care Center of Broward County, and a state settlement for child welfare case managers who were owed overtime. The entire list of vetoed programs is available here (PDF).

To recap:

The governor of Florida has just taken money from: Rape victims; the poor; the mentally ill; children; and adults who protect children. And the dying.

Is he culling the weak? Is he launching a Florida Office for Social Engineering? Is the next step to throw these agencies into a fancy arena and make them slaughter each other for grants?

But don’t worry, Floridians! The law Gov Scott introduced forcing welfare applicants to undergo drug testing is still in place, even though the vast majority of tests (96%) come back squeaky clean, and the testing procedure costs Florida more than it saves.

Cruelty, and lies.

via Mother Jones



  1. Oh my…I am simply gobsmacked by this. The Republican Party has long seemed to have a war going against the poor, middle class, women, and now we can add crime victims. There is simply no excuse or justification for this type of decision by the Governor, all it does is drive home the fact that the Republicans are far more concerned about money than they are about people and it is an issue that is growing worse. I don’t understand how these people think; they are the first to tell all of us what “good Christians” they are and how they are behind families, etc…Then they do things like this and prove themselves liars.

    Thank you Emily for once again bringing us an important issue that we might not have otherwise seen.

  2. Ash Can

     /  April 25, 2012

    The goal of the mandatory drug testing program was never to save Florida money. The goal was to make Rick Scott money, since the testing is done through a company he (technically, I believe, his wife) owns. Remember, this is the guy whose company conducted the biggest Medicare swindle ever. He’s a complete sociopath. Why the people of Florida ever thought he would make a good governor is beyond me.

  3. dmf

     /  April 25, 2012

    seems the supreme court may uphold arizona’s racist immigration policies, we have to win the presidential race or face the national coming out party of these cryptofacists.

  4. Just when I think all the Republican batsh-t craziness is getting worse in other states like Arizona and Tennessee and stuff, along comes Rick “MEDICARE FRAUD” Scott to pull off an act of douchebaggery that leaves even the Republicans in the state legislature gob-smacked.
    I’d love to see the GOP legislature rise up and impeach this superdick, but I am afeared that we’re gonna have to wait it out until 2014 and vote the SOB out.

    • I know you warned us all and did what you could, but please, please Paul – get your people and get him out in 2014. He is just – horrifying.

  5. Bob Jones' Neighbor

     /  April 25, 2012

    Yeah, a majority of the folks in my former state of residence has gone batpoop crazy, electing a Republican majority state legislature and a Republican administration, and they probably won’t figure it out for years (present company excepted…) Of course, my current state of residence also seems to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, so maybe it’s time to read the writing on the gate ( Lasciate ogni speranza…)

  6. Every time I hear more about Rick Scott, I feel really, really, really glad I voted against him. And incredibly pissed at the rest of my state. WTH, Florida.

    • I share your horror, Jane. I’m miffed at the 2 million idiots who voted for him, and at the registered Democrats who refused to show up to vote for Sink (less than half of registered voters showed up in 2010, the bastards).