Healthy is the new skinny.

I don’t wear a lot of t-shirts — but I just ordered this one, and I’ll be wearing it a lot:

Maybe I’ll just rotate between it and the following:

Click here to check out the Healthy Is The New Skinny website/blog.

Order that shirt here; order the second via ThinkGeek here.



  1. Nobody ever went wrong quoting River Tam. Sure, people give you weird looks, but when you’re struggling with a chili dog and say “This food is problematic”, the reactions around you are priceless social clues. Pop culture references are the shibboleths of our time!

    • O_O I just re-watched that very episode last night! And thought: “Right, must remember to say that now and then.”

  2. Totally unrelated, but did you see that Billy Bragg is coming through your neighborhood in the next couple months? One of my friends is trying to get me to road trip to Vermont but I’m thinking Ann Arbor might be a little more doable for yours truly!

    Also, I’m taking intro to the Middle East on my lunch break and I wish you were in my class to say awesome things.

    • I did not see that, but now, thanks to you, we’ve looked it up and lo! He’s going to be in Chicago during the week of the husband’s birthday! Huzzah! We’ll be there, and if you should decide that Chicago is a good place for a Bragg-inspired road trip? Let me know! : )

      (In the awesome things department, I thank you for your faith in me! You should read this thing by Lara Friedman at Open Zion, rebutting Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s contention that Israel’s democracy is in great shape and the occupation is an “anomaly”: It’s certifiably awesome).