Penguins on a plane – THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

You heard me! It turns out that penguins can, in fact, fly — as long as they’ve got first class tickets.


Here’s what the Youtuber who posted the video (and another, which you can see by clicking here) had to say about this delightful turn of events:

On our Delta Flight 1641 from San Antonio to Atlanta on March 8th, there were two “special guests” flying in First Class, a couple of penguins (I think their names were Pete & Penny) from Sea World.

When we reached cruising altitude, the captain allowed their handler to take them for a stroll up and down the aisle so that everyone could take a look at the cute, one-foot-tall penguins and get some great photos and videos.

This is video proof that penguins CAN fly* — and that they have absolutely no fear of flying at all! It’s also refreshing to see that the captain and crew had such a wonderful sense of humor, to let them take this stroll.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen everyone on a plane smiling at the same time!

And now that you’ve seen that, you really, and I mean really have to visit Discovery Channel’s live Penguin Cam. I have had a particularly headache-inducing week, and every time I take a few minutes just to watch the penguins, I feel ever so much better! My real problem is that I would happily sit and stare at them for hours at a time, and that might impinge on my ability to complete the work that has, off and on, been inducing headaches.

*Yes I stole my opening line from the person who uploaded the video. At least I’m admitting it.

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