On women’s essential humanity.


‘Nuff said.


  1. socioprof

     /  March 8, 2012

    From your tweet to everyone’s ear, heart, beliefs, policies, legislatures…

  2. corkingiron

     /  March 8, 2012

    Thanks for saying this – it’s a pity that you have to.

  3. dmf

     /  March 9, 2012

    this makes good logical sense but in our country “human” rights probably have less standing than civil rights, all that UNish talk of human rights is too European for our adolescent political sensibilities shielded as we were from the horrors of the world wars.,

  4. Women are humanity. Without them, there are no humans.

    • dmf

       /  March 9, 2012

      ok but there is no necessary relationship between being human and having human rights, human rights are achievements to be created and practiced or not.

  5. dmf

     /  March 9, 2012

    for fridays and choices made by those who have to live with them:

    Saying it. Trying
    to say it. Not
    to answer to

    logic, but leaving
    our very lives open
    to how we have

    to hear ourselves
    say what we mean.
    Not merely to

    know, all told,
    our far neighbors;
    or here, beside

    us now, the stranger
    we sleep next to.
    Not to get it said

    and be done, but to
    say the feeling, its
    present shape, to

    let words lend it
    dimension: to name
    the pain to confirm

    how it may be borne:
    through what in
    ourselves we dream

    to give voice to,
    to find some word for
    how we bear our lives.

    Daily, as we are daily
    wed, we say the world
    is a wedding for which,

    as we are constantly
    finding, the ceremony
    has not yet been found.

    What wine? What bread?
    What language sung?
    We wake, at night, to

    imagine, and again wake
    at dawn to begin: to let
    the intervals speak

    for themselves, to
    listen to how they
    feel, to give pause

    to what we’re about:
    to relate ourselves,
    over and over; in

    time beyond time
    to speak some measure
    of how we hear the music:

    today if ever to
    say the joy of trying
    to say the joy.

    “Saying It” by Philip Booth

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