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Hi there! Welcome! A post I wrote about really, really wishing that the GOP would just shut up about black people brought me a lot of traffic this week, so I thought I would fill folks in on what else they might find here:

I do write a fair amount on issues of domestic politics and social justice (you know, your standards: racism, homophobia, sexism, the assault on workers’ rights…), but I also write a lot about the Middle East, and more particularly about Israel/Palestine. And when I’m not writing about stuff that might make you want to drink too much, I also write about music and my kids and whatever else might catch my fancy, whether it’s imaginary friends, memories of being a papergirl, or why “nude” is not, in fact, a color (which is also kind of an anti-racism/social justice thing, but also funny! I hope).

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One note: I’m Jewish and moderately observant, which means I don’t work on Shabbat — which in turn means I won’t be around the blog from sundown (CST) tonight until about an hour after sundown on Saturday. If you comment and get caught in moderation, I’ll fish you out as soon as I can!

And thanks again for stopping by. A shabbat shalom (peaceful sabbath) to one and all!



  1. dmf

     /  February 3, 2012

  2. dmf

     /  February 5, 2012

  3. efgoldman

     /  February 5, 2012

    Emily –
    I’m just clicking around after the depressing football game.
    I don’t know whether this means anything, or whether a (new) Balloon Juice front-pager is venting his anger after the events of last week. I make no further comment, and I have put away my flippant snark generator for the time being….

    But the big issue here is the fact that in Israel, abortions are legal, and paid for under that same socialized medical system. Conservatives just love aborting Jew babies, it seems. That has to be it, because they claim to hate abortions and to hate socialized medicine, but they love giving American taxpayers’ money to Israel to free up Israeli money to abort Israeli Jews.


  4. dmf

     /  February 6, 2012

    ee, have you reviewed Ben-Ami’s book?

    • I’ve got too many ties to J Street to be able to review it objectively – but I do recommend that everyone read it!