You can take the girl out of the library, but…

I thought this:

was going to be the book-related thing that I most irrationally wanted to somehow recreate in my life, given the whole “I’m a Jew” thing, and all.

But it turns out it’s this:

(But only because this:

is entirely reasonable).
h/t Imgur, @corrie_corfield (Newsreader/Announcer at BBC Radio 4 who I follow on Twitter), and I have no idea anymore.


  1. I like the stairbookcase.

  2. Those books don’t look like they’ve been shelved in Dewey OR LC classes…


    • caoil

       /  January 11, 2012

      Is it some sort of Librarian’s Worst Nightmare, or Librarian Hell?

      I admit I wouldn’t know how to sort in either of those options but I DO group them as best I can & then alphabetize by author…which may also be leftover baggage from working in a record store & keeping music in ‘appropriate’ groupings.

      • An entire house filled with books is not a nightmare nor hell. It just needs cataloging, thas all…

        • caoil

           /  January 13, 2012

          Hee…that’s what I mean! If they’re all just in a jumbly hodge-podge, then it would be a nightmare. Or maybe I’m projecting some OCD-like symptoms here. 😉

  3. How about a house where every single wall is made out of book shelves?