And a child shall lead them: In which I discover the Vlogbrothers.

Three years ago, Israel was waging war in Gaza. I had some pretty powerful opinions about it.

This evening, the boy (a 12 year old, it should be noted) discovered and showed me the following video, made the day after the war began by a person I’d never heard of: John Green, brother of Hank Green, and one-half of the (I’m coming to discover) pretty dang boss Vlogbrothers, who (I’m coming to discover) the boy really loves. And the thing is: This John Green dude has summed up the entire Israeli-Palestinian situation in less than four minutes.


I would argue that there’s a little boat-missing when he gets into the question of  the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and al-Qaeda, and as an Israeli, I would argue that Israel has the larger share of responsibility at this point (greater power = greater responsibility, etc), but really, for a person to get this much this right, and all in less than four minutes? Wowza. And by that I mean: Huzzah.

And there’s a puppy. Because he couldn’t bear to talk about something so depressing without a little relief.


For more Vlogbrothers goodness, click here. (This one, for instance, on proper tipping, is both funny and accurate. And now the boy knows how important it is to tip, and why. Rock and roll, baby!)

To sweeten the pot, the reason my kid loves the Vlogbrothers is because they’re funny, they’re talented, and they’ve built a community (the “Nerdfighters”) of “great people doing great things.” Can I just remind you of his age? He’s 12. The boy is 12. And he’s moved by people trying to make the world a better place through humor and knowledge. I LOVE MY KID.


  1. cute puppy.

  2. dmf

     /  January 3, 2012

    sounds like he has your interests, humor, and heart, that’s a good start in the world.

    • I just love that he was so excited to show this thing to me. I think it served as kind of a cross-verification for him: “Ok, I know mom and dad think this, but are they all alone in the world…? NO?! SCORE!!”

      Thankfully, we do also laugh at the same things. It has saved us in the past, and I’m sure it will in the future, too! : )

    • PS Thanks for that On Point! I really, really ❤ Andy Carvin.

      • dmf

         /  January 3, 2012

        sure, it was an interesting possibility that people who bond over everyday chitchatty things will then be more likely to come together to tackle tougher things, that would be an upside to the e-gossip world that I am often tough on.
        you will likely need that sense of humor when the hormones hit…

  3. &chik

     /  January 3, 2012

    Did you hear the piece where he says that Fatah, who had controlled Pakistan for 40 years, lost? I heard Pakistan, I swear I did.

    • Yes but there’s a little thing that pops up that reads “And by Pakistan I mean Palestine,” making it not only ok, but funny!

  4. Thanks for these links … for someone who knows much less about the situation, that four-minute video was the kind of thing I needed to see back when I was taking AP European History. (Except videos didn’t exist back then.) Kind of like Zero Punctuation for non-gaming matters.

    Also, the tipping video was pretty cool, and not just because I agree almost completely with John’s rules. Well, OK, mostly because of that. I feel like I keep explaining why I tip the way I tip to some of my friends, and they give me the look that the puppy gives the camera in the Israel-Palestine video.

  5. lise

     /  January 16, 2012

    1. My nephew is one of my favorite people in the world. I keep trying to remind myself that the Hormonal Years may be awful, but I just can’t bring myself to believe it.
    2. That video was awesome, though I had trouble concentrating because I just kept watching the puppy.
    3. I did hear Pakistan and was briefly confused about how they played into this scenario, and really appreciated the pop-up box because I do make mistakes like that myself. Now if I could just work pop-up boxes into my own presentations.
    4. I found myself moving my own head along with the puppy, and so it was a good neck-stretch exercise.
    5. Thanks so much, nephew and sister!

    • Wants for this life:

      1) Pop-up boxes for real life interactions that explain what I actually meant to say.
      2) An undo button, because obvs.
      3) An “escape ramp” like you’ll often find along the decline side of extraordinarily steep mountain roads – once again, because obvs.