Sing Their Souls Back Home – Fridays with Billy

This is from Mr. Bragg’s most recent full-length release, Mr. Love & Justice, and it seems particularly appropriate for this week of holiday festivities, a week in which “we sing our songs of freedom and we sing our songs of peace,” a week in which soldiers are coming home, though some never will, and many are celebrating, though too many of us can’t.

Sing our songs of freedom
And we sing our songs of peace
We sing about sweet harmony
For to make the fighting cease

Let’s sing one song for the folks tonight
That are sleeping on the streets
Come on and sing their souls back home

Oh Lord, it’s hard, don’t you know
To be living in days like these
Terror and war do nothing
But shatter families

So let’s reach out with all our hearts
For our soldiers overseas
Come on and sing their souls back home
Bring ’em home now

Oh, oh, won’t you sing along with me?
Come on, oh, oh, raise your voices now with me
And let them know that we want ’em back home
From wherever they may be
Come on and sing their souls back home

full lyrics; What is Fridays with Billy?

PS: For a little extra awesome, click here for a cover of the tune by REM’s Mike Mills. (You know, it’s funny. Mills does a really straight rendition, and his voice and musicianship are quite lovely — but I just like the original so much better!)

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