I’m a big damn prophet.

If only I’d used my powers to predict lottery numbers.

I just re-discovered this, written on February 25, 1984 (in cursive and on a paper napkin) and shoved into the journal I kept during my one year at St. Olaf College:

[Israel] has eroded itself, and its morality…. The frightened, rabid, ultra-Zionists have taken the reality (need for a homeland, need for security, reason for Jewish-pride) and perverted it, and then sold it to the Israelis, who’ve paid for it in fear. N. [my then-boyfriend] loves Israel (as well he should) and wants to help it survive and grow (as well he should), but the Sharon/Begin/Shamir mentality has only offered one way to live that – so it’s the only choice he has, despite its inherent perversity. Is it too late to salvage Israel’s morality? Without its morality, it will eventually be destroyed/destroy itself, because without limits, it will become totalitarian/expansionistic. A grand denier of human rights and needs (not only of the Palestinians but also of dissenting Israelis) in the name of the Holocaust. I’m frightened.

So there’s that.

Happy, Merry, indeed.



  1. CitizenE

     /  December 23, 2011

    “The only thing worthy of you is compassion–invincible, limitless, unconditional.” Thich Nhat Hanh