These are things I want.


This room:

Sure I’d get sick of it after a while, but dude. In the meantime…? Holy crow that’s awesome!

This hat:

Slightly less bulky, and in charcoals, please.

This car:

Blue and silver would also be acceptable.

This cottage cheese:

I miss many things about Israel, but the cottage cheese has got to be in my top five. My husband once found it for me in the local store that sells a lot of Israeli food, and I’ll tell you what: It was like he had brought me the Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

World peace would also be lovely, as would a clean environment and better opportunities for girls and women around the world. But the above would do for a start!


And thank you!

UPDATE: And a return of Firefly! Sweet baby Moses in the bullrushes, what was I thinking?

Sheesh. All those latkes must have made my head go soft. I would forsake everything else on my list if only you would bring me this one, itty-bitty thing, Cosmos! (What’s the Chinese for “dammit”?)



  1. dmf

     /  December 22, 2011

    I would like a boycott of Lowes, is that a twitterable possibility?

    • Twitter spent a couple of days talking of little else, actually! I was actively encouraging people to use their Lowes giftcards and then return the merchandise — an especially good plan if Lowes itself gave you the giftcard to make up for shoddy service! (As was the case in one case).

      • dmf

         /  December 23, 2011

        yes but is it going to happen or is talking about it what counts as action in the twitterverse, you know that i depend on you to translate that realm for me.
        i liked yer suggestion and hope that if nothing else people do that, how come only the christianists can pull off boycotts these days?

  2. helensprogeny

     /  December 22, 2011

    So with you on the car! My neighbor has had one for about a year or so and she loves it. In fact, it was the car that introduced us, since my partner and I were out for our evening constitutional one night soon after she bought it and we saw it in the parking lot and began to ooh and aahh over it. Serendipitously, she happened to emerge from the car just as we passed it and was delighted to tell us all about it. We are now fast friends.

    • See?? Not only would I get the car, you would magically become my neighbor!

      • helensprogeny

         /  December 22, 2011

        Oh, I could so go for that too! But I think you’d have to move south…I don’t do cold very well. But then you could meet my other neighbor (the one with the car) who also, it transpires, owns one of the coolest businesses in town. I’d been to her place many times and loved it before I knew she was my neighbor. It’s a tile place. They make custom tile and not just the square kind you put on the floor. They make these wonderful shapes and figures which are then fashioned into mosaics. Think octupii and palm trees and roses and stars – all sizes and colors. You can also make your own tile; they have classes. So if you’re, say, remodeling your kitchen and you want a cool backsplash, you can go to their showroom and play around with their stuff and come up with your own delightful and unique design. So you don’t just have tile, you have art. It’s hard to describe how cool this place is, you just have to see it. But I was so stoked to find out my lovely neighbor was responsible for this wonderland.

  3. I can probably make that hat.

    With the needles I’m coveting that R failed to buy me. 😦

    • It crossed my mind that I have these knitting friends who could so totally teach me to do it myself! And I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit for years. But all those friends, to a one, live far away, via the tubez.

      I was scrolling and scrolling through Etsy’s pages and pages of slouch hats the other day (there are like 6,000 so-described hats!) and I probably found at least one I loved on each and every page.

      Damn my lack of an actual skill set!

  4. William H. Brewer

     /  December 22, 2011

    Ooh, what’s that cottage cheese like? One of the very few things I miss about the east coast is Breakstone Tangy Small Curd cottage cheese (Cowgirl Creamery has something that’s even better, but it costs about 7 times as much).
    –Tom Hilton

    • I think the big difference is that Israelis don’t use any kind of gelatin in their cottage cheese, and Americans do? It’s richer and smoother and not over-salted (also a big difference). I can literally and quite happily just sit down with a container and make it and a few crackers lunch.

      Breakstones isn’t bad… but it’s no Tnuva!

  5. They’re not *totally* the same, but ModCloth has a couple slouchy-style hats similar to that one: 🙂