Just a few of the many things…

…at which I would be awesome, should the world want to give me the opportunity:

  1. Research assistant (such as this: http://bit.ly/uprLc6 ) but particularly as regards the contemporary Middle East.
  2. Communications assistant or contract writer for nonpartisan or left-leaning non-profits – Topics I’ve covered in this capacity in the past include: the elections in Congo, America’s terrorism detainees, the environment, corporate social responsibility, racism in America, child hunger, Middle East peace process, Islamophobia, US interfaith efforts, war in the Sudan, abortion rights, refugees, philanthropy. And then some.
  3. Contract writer for museums or publishing houses – as a graduate student by nature and reporter by training (and long-time book reviewer), I think I bring a good approach to work that must be essentially academic in nature, but not come across as academic. I’m thinking in terms of museum education programs, for instance, or readers’ guides (fiction or non-) for publishing houses.
  4. Essayist, regular columnist, feted thinker of big thoughts – still dreaming the dream!

If you or anyone you know happens to be looking for such an employee, my online portfolio is available at emilylhauser.wordpress.com, and more information (as well as a contact email and charming headshot) can be found on the above About page.

I’ve been a freelance writer (doing pretty much all of the above, in some form or another) for something in the neighborhood of 20 years, which means some months are busier than others (November has been pretty good, for instance) – but I confess that I would like something a little more steady at this point in my life! Call me crazy.

Just, you know: sayin’.



  1. Don’t forget your people skillz.
    I would hire you faster than a nano particle can travel from CERN to Italy, had I any jobs to offer!

    • But that’s just ’cause you really want to sit around and talk about Star Wars all day.

      : ) Thank you!

      (PS I actually told the husband this morning – the words actually came out of my mouth – that I had just asked him to do something very simple and here he was acting like “I’ve asked you to solve the Higgs Boson problem!” In retrospect, I was very proud of myself).

  2. This is one of those cases that makes me so frustrated that all I have is hopes and wishes.

    How I wish I had a way to get you to your dreams.

    I can only look around to see if I can find anything like that.

    • I look at about 12-15 appropriate boards a week (whether big ones, like Idealist, or individual foundations, or whatever) and there’s just not very much out there — and moreover, I have a feeling that most of the jobs I would be good for go to people who those doing the hiring already know (as but one example, one job I recently applied for had 90 applicants, & ultimately the hiring was done in-house). So I figured that if I can ask my friends to do exactly what you say right here — look around, and let me know — it’ll be one more layer of networking, and it might yield something interesting. I’m working the LinkedIn front, too.

      The good news is that my job for today is to invoice for the work I did in November. So there is work. I just want more, and want more of it to be steady.

      Thank you!

  3. dmf

     /  November 29, 2011


  4. CitizenE

     /  November 29, 2011

    To Whom it May Concern:

    This is on behalf of Emily Hauser. I have been reading Mrs. Hauser’s on-line postings now for well over a year, and can testify first hand to her skills as a writer and in-depth researcher. Blog posting is a most demanding form of writing from a technical standpoint, and yet I find her work both more substantial and without technical flaw than just about anyone online, including those working professionally. Her style, for those positions above requiring style, is at once conversational and precise, friendly and unabashedly hard-hitting. As a retired professor of English and long time writing instructor, I recommend her to you without reservation.