Solving all your pizza/vegetable conundrums, in just 52 seconds.


You’re welcome.

And have a great weekend!

h/t BoingBoing


  1. Yes but no pepperoni, a whole-wheat crust, and salad on the side.

    I’m not Congress.

    Happy Weekend, Emily. Thank you.

  2. Very disrespectful to the solons of Congress.

  3. Ash Can

     /  November 25, 2011

    Oh sweet fucking hell, not this insufferable bullshit again. Ronald Reagan and his shit-for-brains ag secretary deserved to be chased through the streets of DC by mobs of 2×4-wielding grade-school parents for their ketchup fiasco, and if there were any justice in the world that’s exactly what would happen to the festering assholes in Congress who support this crap.


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