“Over Netanyahu’s New Israel, the BS light is on”

Bradley Burston

The always excellent Bradley Burston in HaAretz, on the Israeli Knesset’s wave of “Black Flag” legislation designed to severely curtail a long list of democratic freedoms:

With the occupation came the overarching need to ignore, to confabulate, to misdirect. With the occupation came the self-protective urge for marketing, for rebranding, for selective vision, for a shrill form of self-esteem based on the idea that we alone, with our experience, can understand and thus speak the truth.

With the occupation, with the settlements, with the night raids and the administrative detention and the roads just for settlers and the buses just for settlers, with the destruction of Palestinian crops and the expropriation of Palestinian property and the cramping off of Palestinian life, came the need for something bigger than the words for lie and falsehood and deception.

With the occupation came the need for that word. For BS in all its forms. With the occupation came the need for playing the victim, for playing the saint, for playing the pompous preacher, for acting the misunderstood street punk, for denying demography, for fostering segregation, for intimidating the press, for discriminating against Arab citizens while noting that many of them work in high-tech, for building walls high enough that we can’t watch what we ourselves are doing.

“For building walls high enough around that we can’t watch what we ourselves are doing….”

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