Pop culture? I’ll give you pop culture! Or: On friendships and the undoing thereof.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have a little internet community among the commenters at Ta-Nehisi Coates’s blog at The Atlantic. There are people there who I count among my genuine friends, but who I would not recognize if we sat next to each other on the bus. Such is life in the future! One such friend, known online as anibundel, recently had to have some pretty major surgery done, and she asked a few of us to help out with her blog. Honored to be asked to guest on her site, I immediately said yes — but in the meantime, if you read the following, you will see that some trouble arose….

The Serenity Prayer in Chinese. You know who would be able to read this? Yeah, you know who.

Dear Ani,

I’m genuinely honored to be guesting on your blog, and I suppose the ethics of convalescing friends and guesting bloggers would normally prevent me from informing you of the following, but, I’m sorry, convalescing be damned, this is a moment of crisis in my life, and I have to tell the truth:

I really kind of hate you now.

Now, now, Friends of Ani! Settle down! My goodness, you are a loud and loyal bunch!

Give me a moment. I’ll explain myself, and by the end you will likely rally to my cause, browncoats to Ani’s Alliance.

Once upon a time I had a baby, and then I had another baby. As is often the case with the advent of babies, one or two things in my life gave way a bit — in my case, one of those things was watching TV. Some 12 years later, I still kind of barely keep up with one or two sitcoms and one drama a week, and maybe a little Daily Show. On most days, the kids make this not-inconsiderable loss worth it. Sorta.

Anyhoozle, back in 2002, this new show came on — “Fire”…something? — some show that all the geeks in my particular Tribe of Geekitude were worked up about — oh that’s right, “Firefly”! – and as wildly as the geek community embraced this thing — the lead was that cute-but-rugged actor I’ve seen a lot before, right? — all I ever got around to doing about it was thinking “I would probably like that” before BOOM. It was gone.

Well, if I gave you a list of all the movies and TV shows that have come and gone without me getting to enjoy them since the advent of Baby #1, that would be a very long list indeed, so the point is: I added Firefly to the list. And made my peace.

But then there was a movie, and I wasn’t sure why it seemed to be about The Serenity Prayer, but my geeks were happy, so yay! Good News! But I hadn’t seen the show, so of course I didn’t go see the movie. Once a geek, always a geek, and some things need to be done correctly or not done at all. I do remember that much.

Then my Blockbuster closed. We never signed up for Netflix. It never occurred to me to check my library. I hate watching whole episodes of anything on a computer monitor.

Yadayadayada, point is, here we are, 2011, and even though now I’m an enormous fan of Nathan Fillion, and follow Joss Whedon closely enough to know that he secretly (secretly!) filmed a version of Much Ado About Nothing this summer (starring Nathan Fillion!), largely because in the interim I became a huge Dr. Horrible head, which I somehow managed to watch on a computer monitor before most of the world had even heard about it, AND I own and proudly wear a t-shirt that boasts a Firefly catch phrase (this one, right here) — I still hadn’t seen so much as one minute of Firefly. And I was tootling along quite well without it, thankyouverymuch.


…to read the rest of this stirring tale, please click here to continue on to Ani’s site! There you will find, among other things: A C3PO mash-up with Mexican culture, many pictures of adorable kittehs, recaps and analysis of various reality show shenanigans, and all manner of things that are WAY more fun than what you’ll find here most days of the week (though I do try to be entertaining. Now and then). Give her some love, people! Even though I hate her.


  1. I posted at Anibundle’s site.

    Here are the first few words:

    Oh, just one of the most beautiful series ever.

    I’m glad you finally got to experience it. My own experience …

    You’ll have to go there to read the rest of it.

  2. By the way, I know for a fact that TNC probably does not read Chinese. So “You Know Who” must refer to someone else. Who that is, I can’t imagine.

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