…uhhh, Open Thread?

Not sure what TNC’s about today & I’m about to leave my desk for hours, so, just in case: Open Thread. If the mothership lands and provides safe haven, and this sticks here all empty and embarrassing, I’ll just delete it — but I didn’t want to leave my beloved Horde high and dry! And so I shan’t.

PS Make sure you scroll down and look at the picture I put up earlier. It’s so, so beautiful! (Also, of course, you should scroll down and read my posts, mais oui, but make sure you see the Tree Tunnel).




    As if we never existed?


    My humanist-interfaith friend Chris Stedman is involved in a Harvard Interfaith Collaborative fundraiser intended to raise $5,000 to pay for 20,000 meals for hungry kids. That’s 25 cents a meal, meaning $5 = 20 meals.

    If the goal of $5000 is reached by 11/20, Chris (a self identified hipster, though I have my doubts, given his unironic love of Britney Spears) has pledged to shave his ‘stache….

    Now, as luck would have it, I think his ‘stache is quite becoming BUT THE MAN HAS A VISION.

    Also, and not incidentally, he’s a very cool guy doing very cool work (he’s the atheist interfaith activist to whom I occasionally refer at TNC’s place) and, you know: Hungry kids.

    Donate if you can! http://nonprophetstatus.com/2011/10/31/if-we-raise-5000-by-1120-i-will-shave-my-stache/

  3. doginajacket

     /  November 3, 2011

    Long time lurker de-lurking to say to Anibundel that I hope everything went well this morning.

    • Sorry it took me so long to see this! I’ll draw anibundel’s attention to it!

    • I was poked, prodded, stabbed, scraped and sampled. It sucked. But we’ve now gone through all the testing and I am ready to face surgery in a week’s time. The only thing I have to grumble about is thye told me no ibuprophen or asprin or any painkillers that work until after the surgery…
      ….and then I finally relaxed enough for my time of the month to start. I would cheerfully kill someone for midol.

      • doginajacket

         /  November 7, 2011

        Oh, hey, I’m out of moderation, yay me! Thanks Emily 🙂

        Sorry to hear about the ban on painkillers, that sucks. You have my permission (as a totally anonymous person on the Internet whom you’ve never heard of before) to eat as much chocolate as you want.

  4. It’s official: Jon Stewart is perusing TNC’s blog and stealing ideas from my comments to use as material for his show.

    Yesterday, I wrote:

    “Well, the Trumpster should have a very firm grasp on what is or isn’t racist, considering how great a relationship he has with The Blacks.”



  5. David L

     /  November 3, 2011

    I’m brewing up this idea in my mind for a moment in a longer story where a mother slowly comes to terms with the fact that her son’s sexual orientation is not what she’d hoped and he was, in fact, into women. I have this feeling that the potential for awesome table-turning satire will be awesomesauce.

  6. wearyvoter

     /  November 3, 2011

    Howdy. Will be back when insomnia strikes me tonight after the moonlighting gig is done for the evening.

    • Some walk byyyyyyyy night.. Soooooooommmmme fly by day…

      Oh, right. Not a lot of people watched “Moonlighting” back in the day anyhoo… 😉 Poor Curtis Armstrong.

      • wearyvoter

         /  November 3, 2011

        I’m installing a “like” right here. Yeah, I watched Moonlighting. My favorite episode featured Rona Barrett coming by the agency to interview Maddie. The videographer had a sweatsock over the lens (thicker than gauze) allegedly to soften the focus on Ms. Barrett.

  7. I’m still a tad heartbroken that people didn’t download a FREE copy of my estory… I mean, it’s FREE, what part of FREE doesn’t catch people’s interests… 😦

    That said, during the NaNoWriMo efforts (viewable at this link http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/witty ) I have another FREE coupon offering for “The Hero Cleanup Protocol”. It’s easy to order and download, trust me. 😉

    For those of you without an ereader device… you can get FREE apps for other mobile devices you have that can read the story. For your PC there ought to be Adobe Digital Editions, and it takes the epub format.

    Does anyone want the coupon code for the estory?