Good stuff: Metric – “Gold Guns Girls”

A few days back, Ta-Nehisi posted the following as his “Morning Coffee” video. The song hadn’t even ended before I was calling my record store (Val’s Halla, baby! Holla!) to order the disc. I picked it up on Friday afternoon, and am currently (Sunday, 11 am) in the midst of Listen #4, if I’m counting correctly. It might be #5.

Metric – “Gold Guns Girls,” off of Fantasies. Enjoy!



  1. Darth Thulhu

     /  October 30, 2011

    Metric is distilled Canadian goodness. I love that the mandatory implicit response to the repeated call of “is it ever going to be enough?” is obviously “no, it never will be” unless something fundamental changes.

    One song of Metric’s that you may like from last year: Black Sheep.

    (video is visuals from San Diego Comic-Con 2010, audio is standard recorded music of the track)

    The song was used in the finest piece of cinema 2010 had to offer: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. (This is also why Metric was performing at ComicCon). Black Sheep, in the film continuity, was written and performed by the fictional Canadian band “The Clash at Demonhead” (aka T-CAD), breakout band increasingly revealed to be composed of ex-lovers of the movie protagonists 🙂 While Black Sheep as sung by Metric was present on the soundtrack for the film, the actress playing the lead singer for T-CAD recorded a set of vocals which kind intertubes people have appended to movie clips:

    … All of which has been padding to get you to listen to the song once or twice before offering the following … so if you haven’t listened yet, go listen to it now 😉

    … and then listen to it again, this time envisioning the addressed Black Sheep as the Israeli government. It works disturbingly well, I find.