OH WAIT! I do have something!

I just remembered that I posted this last year, and the comedy routine in question will never EVER not be funny, and it still totally counts because it’s still Columbus Day where I am, and so here it is, re-upped:

Good stuff: The true story of Columbus Day.

Last week I started thinking that, gosh, I’ve gotten dang earnest around these parts — I should leaven things with a little humor. I should write something funny!

And thus I learned something important about myself: I can’t conjure funny.

I mean, I think I can be pretty funny, but it comes when the Muse sends it, not when I’m scrambling around In My Head looking for clown shoes and whoopie cushions. No, no, I must await the Muse! And thus, I also scratched “Daily Show writer” off my possible job list. Best to be honest about these things.

At any rate, do you know who is funny? So stinkin’ funny that merely quoting his lines to myself makes me crack up?

Stan Freberg, that’s who! (You were expecting Eddie Izzard, weren’t you?)

So, this being Columbus Day, I’m going to leaven the place with a little bit of Stan Freberg. It’s ten minutes long, but the video is (literally) a long shot of a record going around on a turntable, so you don’t actually have to carve ten minutes out to watch something — all you have to do, in order to remarkably improve your day, is listen to it. Because it’s fucking brilliant, that’s why.

(Truth be told, you really should listen to the entirety of Stan Freberg Presents The United States of America. But it’s up to you how much of your life you want to spend laughing).

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  1. stephen matlock

     /  October 11, 2011

    Love Stan Freberg.

    My childhood memories include listening to him on a record player – there’s something about lying down on the couch holding the album cover in your hand and reading it as you listen to the record that makes it different than simply having earbuds while your iPod plays a track.

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