Open Thread – the I Guess He’s Really On Deadline edition.

Ta-Nehisi said he was on deadline this week and I guess he really, really is! So here is an Open Thread, three hours after it usually (if not lately) appears at his place. Enjoy!



  1. I have finally taken the plunge and am attacking the whole LinkedIn thing with gusto.

    Please! Come connect with me! (And don’t judge. I’m still honing it).

    • taylor16

       /  October 6, 2011

      Funny, I’ve been trying to delete my stupid LinkedIn page (so as to stay away from all the nosy academic types who won’t understand why I’m looking for a different type of job), but I cannot. seem. to. get. myself. off. the. site. I’ve requested that it be deleted four times, and I still get updates and network requests. Grrr.

      If I create an account under a pseudonym, though, I will come find you! 🙂

    • dmf

       /  October 6, 2011

      hey ee, looks good might not want to lead off with the food pantry tho to avoid the nonprofit ghetto of employment.

      • I agree-ish (the very next one down shows I’m not in that ghetto, but people don’t always go one more down) — but it’s a question of dates. I’ve worked for Rabinowitz-Dorf a lot longer than I have at the food pantry, and it’s a big enough difference that I can’t really fudge it….

    • I r linked.

    • wearyvoter

       /  October 6, 2011

      I just linked. (And you’ll be able to see how somewhat lame my profile is.)

  2. Also, for your enjoyment:

    Little flower girl doesn’t understand her job:

    • taylor16

       /  October 6, 2011

      That is too cute! I was actually at a wedding once where the flower girl started picking up the flower petals on the way back down. Because “I made a mess.” It was hilarious!

      Also, the new comments interface is very nice! I like!!

      • Thank you!

        :: curtsies ::

        It was actually a complete surprise to me. I changed the theme — the old one just looked too cluttered to me all the time — and when all was said and done and I got a new comment, I went: OH WOW. So much better! For once, WordPress didn’t make me mad.

  3. David L

     /  October 6, 2011

    Today in double-meaning headlines: “Clarke ‘regrets’ cat flap attack”, from The Guardian. It gives me a mental image of a cabinet minister beating someone with what Americans would call a doggy door. Sadly, it’s nothing like that–‘flap’ as in dispute or debate and ‘attack’ as in pointed criticism. There was a speech at the Conservative Party conference that claimed that a court had blocked a deportation under human rights laws because a woman had a cat, but the reality was that adopting a cat with an unmarried partner was used evidence that she was truly partnered and not in a sham relationship, meaning that they couldn’t be forcibly separated under human rights laws.

    • The absurdity of the Conservative Party claim is so enormous that I honestly had to read this three times to make sense of it. Good lord. Nice to know the Terrible Politicians span the seven seas.

  4. dmf

     /  October 6, 2011

    ugh we are getting killed at the state level, won’t be in the national news but we have to pay attention and get going long before the prez’s race:

  5. dmf

     /  October 6, 2011

    forthatgirl and other lovers of the aerosol arts if not the fumes:


    Just wanted you to know. Because it’s important that someone listen.

    Why are smart people surrounded by people who are not as smart? I WANT TO KNOW.

    Other than that, things are sweetness and light.


      And on the other thing? Good lord, I’ve been asking myself that question since I was about four. Come sit here with me.

      • I’m better now. Part of the problem was eating breakfast at 6:00 am and not having lunch until 1:30. Maybe I was grouchy because I was hungry. I have my cabbage-and-chicken salad and it’s helping.


        Just needed to vent a little so that I don’t join the Corporate Defenestration Implementation Committee.

        • David L

           /  October 6, 2011

          “Defenestration” is such a fun word. I was thrilled when it came up in a round that was more or less multiple-choice vocabulary at my trivia event last week (along with such words as “sesquipedalian”, “avuncular”, and “frottage”.)

          But it also reminded me of a strange historical factoid: Not only is there a historical event called “The Defenestration of Prague”, there is a second one by the same name.

          • Dude. I cannot imagine the context of your trivia event. Because I know those words. And I’m thinking “probably not something I’d hear on Says You.”

            FWIW, I’ve submitted two words to Says You on NPR, and had both of them used. Cosher and embranglement. Highlight of my decade was having people at work come up to me and say “…was that YOU who sent in those words?” And to be able to say in my avuncular way, “Sespequedalian words are my forte.”

            I could not work the other word you suggested into any work conversation. I live a very boring life, I guess.

            • David L

               /  October 6, 2011

              They had a really easy quiz last Saturday night, perhaps to make up for the really hard quiz the previous week. A typical week has a winner around 80, but we won the night with 90 out of a possible 96 points, after winning with 68 the week before.

    • (I can’t bring myself to read it…).

      • dmf

         /  October 6, 2011

        yah know i have long believed that there is real power in speaking hard truths so to see people speaking up, even when much of it is heartbreaking, is ultimately heartening.

  7. caoil

     /  October 6, 2011

    Goro the Welsh corgi out for a hike/hanging out at the top of a mountain!

    For your Thursday Cute Dog Break.

    • Corgis! Oh, Corgis.

      • caoil

         /  October 6, 2011

        I thought *I* was a bit of a crazy pet person, but he must take videos of his dog every single day!

        I should very much like to have a corgi someday. Maybe when I retire & have time to spend doing agility with her.

        • And then you will travel with her to Chicago and attend the Klingon Christmas Carol, with your corgi at your side.

          So it is written. So it shall be done.

  8. I do feel the need to vent but there is little I can do to anything change the situation I’m in. I’m doing what I can to find a job in the profession I like but… nothing. Frustrated, and under more and more pressure to go in directions I don’t want to go…

    • wearyvoter

       /  October 6, 2011


      I know it’s not much, but this just happened to pop up on my Facebook feed this afternoon:

      Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back he right one. –Neil Gaiman

    • caoil

       /  October 6, 2011

      I really wish I could help, Paul. 😦

    • This is often my problem with “venting” – when the thing you’re venting about is this big, venting doesn’t seem to actually help, because once you’re done — or, at least, once I’m done — there I am, up close and personal with the same problem, and all I have to show for my venting is a headache and puffy eyes (my venting tends to take the form of crying…).

      I’m sorry Paul, I really am. I know a little bit of what you’re suffering, because I’m suffering my own, milder version of it, and it sucks and it hurts and its fucking infuriating. As Van Jones said this other day, these should be our pride years, when we get to teach the next generation how to do what we do. And here we are, scrambling for jobs that aren’t even right for us — and not getting them. I’m sorry.

    • Sigh.


    • dmf

       /  October 7, 2011

  9. This week in hedge witchery:

    It’s the end of the growing season; hard frost tonight. This is an active time for hedge witches.

    Last of the tomatoes, cut and in the cauldron or on the window sill. the cauldron will have pass through the food mill before bed, and then form the basis for a sauce, concentrated a bit at a time (rather like risotto, but with onions and sausage instead of rice) tomorrow.

    Mushrooms picked today; a few nice display specimens, some in cauldron #2, a crock pot on the porch. Other mushrooms collected and dye baths made over the week. Saturday, I’ll be dyeing at the Fryeburg Fair, in Fryeburg Me. with my friends from A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm.

    Last night, the wild grapes in my yard got frosted; this morning they were purple. So we managed to get a few clusters down. They now sit in cauldron #3, a 1-quart mason jar, with some organic whole white-wheat flour and spring water; the basis or a sourdough bread culture that tastes like my yard.

    I’ve missed the OTANs. Read early mornings the day after all the fun’s been had.

    That’s this week in hedge witchery.

  10. dmf

     /  October 7, 2011