The internets & their bounties – I Really Kind of Hate George Lucas edition.

The internet, man – what doesn’t it have? I know a lot of bloggers do a regular round-up of cool links, but I never have before. History – IT IS BEING MADE.

  1. The back of the husband’s head at the Liam Finn show. Ok, it’s kind of really a brief video of the crowd singing Happy Birthday while Liam does a shot and then launches into a wickedly shredded version of the Beatles’ “Birthday” — but still!! That’s the husband’s head in the immediate foreground!! And a very brief vision of the top right of the back of my head!! We were that close!! h/t Liam Finn (!!) and Lincoln Hall (the fantabulous venue. Who knew the acoustics and sound systems could be good at those places?)
  2. “Eventually, this process will allow you to record and reconstruct your own dreams on a computer screen.” Read that sentence again, slowly, and then click through to read the rest and watch the this-goes-to-a-eleven-gobsmacking video. As the writer says “Indeed, it’s mindblowing. I’m simultaneously excited and terrified.” h/t Skepchick
  3. “Mordor doesn’t look that bad now, does it?” Apparently Frodo/Elijah Wood has beef with Merry/Dominic Monaghan…? Click here to see the mighty Elijah! Click here to see Dominic’s worthy reply! (Honestly the thing that concerns me most is the apparent possibility that Elijah Wood might be a smoker). h/t BuzzFeed
  4. Human skin strengthened with spider silk can stop a bullet. You heard me — and there’s video in which you can see it happen. h/t I can’t remember what series of clicks got me here.
  5. Skeletal whole-hand bracelet. Again, with the hearing (though there’s no video this time. How can you make a video of a bracelet? Seriously people, sometimes you worry me). h/t Boing Boing
  6. Well. This explains everything.

h/t my Balloon Juice buddy Lev, at Library Grape


  1. Lise

     /  September 25, 2011

    Brilliant explanation of the prequels. Thank you.

    • …though it does contradict my usual approach of simply ignoring their existence all together and bemoaning the fact that he never made them….

  2. I’ll add one: video of a cop pepper-spraying women held in a police enclosure at the Occupy Wall St. Protests:

    hat tip to James Fallows. Thank you, James. You’re a good man, right up there with Fred Rogers in my book! (And I hope you younger folk are following Sully’s Mr. Roger’s posts!)

  3. caoil

     /  September 26, 2011

    Sadly, yes, Lij has been smoking for years. Those were really funny videos, though.

    • Please tell me you call him Lij because you know him. Please.

      • caoil

         /  September 26, 2011

        Nope. Just a LOTR dork. *sheepish grin* In my defense, at least I’ve never written any fanfic about them!
        I did almost meet him at a con once, but his autograph lineup was the craziest of all of them so I spent nearly 2 hours in line for Billy (Boyd) instead.

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