Good stuff: A giggly thing, in a language I don’t even understand.

I bring you a very silly, giggly cat thing (scroll down…), because this has been a pretty intense week around In My Head (and actually in my head, come to that). I’ve never before gotten so entirely wrapped up in the literal life and death of another human being, so invested in doing everything I can to force some real justice on the world in the very, very short term.

But that’s it. Troy Davis’s hearing is on Monday. The rallies around the country are done or winding down, the people who will make the decisions have left their desks. I know that there are people out there who can still make a difference, but I’m not one of them.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who signed, spread the word, gave suggestions, wrote letters, and supported this entire effort. We were a very small part of a much larger campaign, but nearly 1,500 clicks went through this site alone to the Amnesty petitions, and who knows how many more went through Twitter, Ta-Nehisi’s open threads, my Atlantic essay, Angry Black Lady, Balloon Juice, and all the FB postings and emails and blog links that people attached to any of those places generated. I feel safe in saying that the internet community of which I am a part played a role to the tune of several thousand signatures, and that is a wonderful, life affirming thing. I hope desperately that the State of Georgia will do the right thing and grant Mr. Davis clemency, but if they do not, he will die knowing that he had the support of hundreds of thousands of people — and we will have jointly moved the world a bit closer to the day when these fights will no longer be fought.

And so. Now we wait to hear on Monday. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, a blessed Shabbat, and may you enjoy things that fill you with joy.

I leave you with this, because it made me giggle, and more than once! Cats – what can’t they do? (Check out the computer mouse, and the ad on the taxi, in particular!) (Oh what am I talking about. Check it all out! It’s fantabulous!)

h/t the truly delightful Skepchick, which I didn’t know existed until they linked to my “Like a girl” post just this morning. It made me very happy, indeed, to discover the site, and I urge you to check it!

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