Housekeeping – chchchchanges…!

I’ve been very annoyed with how cluttered my blog has felt, and finally took it upon myself to find a new theme and start customizing it for my own very special-snowflake needs. Yay! There’s more tweaking to be done, but Shabbat looms, and so I must away. I’m sure we’ll all do just fine with the radical new look of the inside of my head (indeed, I wish I’d gotten this done before all of Glenn Greenwald’s readers stopped by…. Sigh, and oh well).

And of course: Please don’t forget Troy Davis — if you haven’t yet signed the appropriate petition/letter, or have some time to spread the word of his 9/21 execution date and bid for clemency (especially to the legal community and clergy), please do so. Click here for details.



  1. dmf

     /  September 10, 2011

    ooh very professional looking round here now, can we still have fun in the spiffy new corporate headquarters in your head or is it indoor voices only now?

  2. taylor16

     /  September 10, 2011

    I very much like the redesign. Thumbs up! And my letters for Mr. Davis are in the mail. I only wish there was more I could do. Hope you had a great weekend…

    • Thank you!

      And just look how much better the commenting is! I’ve half a mind to ask TNC to go away for a day just so that we can do my alterna-Open Thread with the spiffy new commenting!

      (Seriously, scroll down and look at one of my old Open Threads. It’s like an entirely different world).

  3. looks great!

  4. dmf

     /  September 11, 2011

  5. I miss the old hard-to-read, cluttered-beyond-belief website that forced me to look at everything.

    Maybe you could just put up lots and lots of blogads or something, so us people resistant to change will feel at home?

  6. helensprogeny

     /  September 12, 2011

    Emily, LOVE the new look! Very grown-up, very sleek. And the comments are MUCH easier to read. Woohoo!