Good stuff: Drastic subject change, or – Brent Spiner makes it so.

 Please note crucial update below!

Brent Spiner, aka Data, does a freakishly (freakishly!) good job of sounding exactly and precisely like Patrick Mothereffing Stewart, aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Oh, I am so happy! It’s moments like this that make me glad I launched this blog, going boldly where no Emily L. Hauser had ever gone before.

:: does geek dance ::

h/t The Hairpin & i09

Note: All heretofore incorrectly spelled renditions of Mr. Spiner’s name corrected.

:: hangs head in geek shame ::


Crucial update! After posting the above, I tweeted about it & then checked out Brent Spiner’s Twitter feed (@BrentSpiner), wherein I found the following:

If I could get as many people to watch #FreshHell as have watched my Patrick impression, I’d get a sponsor in no time.

Followed by

In #FreshHell I do a pretty decent impression of myself.

So! Feeling somewhat chagrined, and out of a real sense of gratitude to Mr. Spiner for all he gave me and so many others during those many years of Next Gen (not to mention being a creative person who is forever trying to push herself onto an apparently unwilling public and thus can sort of kind of understand…), I thought: What’s this then? So I checked it out.

And it’s dang funny! The episodes are short, they’re weird (where have you ever heard the words “I’m pushing away a mouse arsonist” before?), and they are ding-dang funny.

So: Watch Brent Spiner in Fresh Hell! All episodes embedded after the jump….

And finally, Mr. Spiner talking about the thing with Those Video Guys:



  1. There are days when you need this stuff to help lighten the load.

    What a great imitation.

    • : )

      I love this, from the male writer: “…but I’d imagine there were happy tears shed and possibly the odd enthusiastic squeak. Because that’s what came through on my end. Shut up.”

  2. His Patrick Stewart impression is fabulous, and oh, wow, the Fresh Hell minisodes are hilarious! Thank you for posting them. ❤

    • I know, right? In the interview, he says that they cost $800 to make. Imagine if he had an actual budget!