Questions and answers: Misogyny and violence edition.

Live in Ohio? Please work to get this man recalled and/or arrested.

Please note update with helpful information for people living with abuse, below.

Q: Who said “She got a little upset. Girls do that,” when his wife called 911 after he got drunk and attacked her?

A: Ohio State Senator Kris Jordan.

Q: What is the State of Ohio doing about it?

A: Exactly nothing.

Prosecutor won’t file charges against senator

Sen. Jordan, a Republican from Powell, told deputies that he and his wife had argued over his not cleaning their condo. Cruiser dashboard camera recordings released yesterday detail the deputies’ conversations with the Jordans.

“She got a little upset,” Sen. Jordan told a deputy on the recording. “Girls do that.”

The 34-year-old senator went on to say the incident was “90 percent emotion.”

“I threw some things on the ground, but I didn’t hit her or anything,” he said. “So she’s all worked up about who knows.”

On the recording, Sen. Jordan tells deputies that he works at the Statehouse, “until she gets me thrown out of office,” he said. “Over (expletive) not cleaning the upstairs … and then me pushing some towels over and some other stuff over.”

His wife also was recorded speaking to a deputy outside the home.

She said there have been problems with her husband but she had called his parents when those happened. She said, however, that they were out of town that night.

She also was recorded as saying violent incidents with her husband began about two years ago, sometimes after he had been drinking. She said her husband had been drinking that night but not to excess.

“This is not new,” Mrs. Jordan, 31, said. “He’s done this numerous times, and I just got sick of it and I just had to call.”

Assistant Delaware City Prosecutor Joe Schmansky said, Melissa Jordan’s insistence on not pursuing charges was the most important factor in his decision not to file charges.

Here’s another salient piece of information:

She also told deputies there were 10 to 15 unloaded guns in the house.

How many times have we read this story? The story in which the woman complains, but as so many victims of abuse do, hesitates to press charges, so law enforcement does nothing — until one of the guns gets loaded, and the woman is killed.

I’ll be perfectly frank here: I am positively sickened by this story. By the abuse, by the misogyny, by the response of Delaware City’s Prosecutor. I know people who have lived with abuse, I know how it plays out, and I have watched, too often, as society steps back and says: “Not our problem.”

I’m sorry, State of Ohio, this is very much your fucking problem. Aside from the fact that it is a shared, collective good that our citizens (even the female ones!) not live in fear, Kris Jordan is a Senator, for God’s sake! I don’t know what should be done, what can be done — mandatory anger management classes? Senate censure? — but I know that someone has to do something.

Else the next call may very well be for an ambulance.

UPDATE: If you or someone you love is also living with an abuser, you can always call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1- 800−799−SAFE (7233), 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’re not sure if you’re in an abusive situation, or are not sure what to do next, here are some good resources: Get Help, Am I Being Abused?, Teen Dating Abuse and Information for Immigrants and Refugee Women.

h/t Mac McClelland at Mother Jones, Ohio politics blog Plunderbund, and the Columbus Dispatch.

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  1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph

     /  August 16, 2011

    Emily, Thank you for bringing up this subject for discussion.
    This State lawmaker is an embarrassment to all Ohioans.
    I live in the next town from where he lives.
    Sen. Jordan is ticking bomb. His wife may have been lucky this time.
    Since he has committed a felony this time, even though he was not convicted,
    I recommend if anybody from ATF who read this post, it is their responsibility to confiscate
    the 10-15 guns that he owned or give him the choice to surrender his guns to his parents, or
    any other responsible adult.

    I do know that ranks has privilege, however, if he harms his wife next time, the only people to blame would be
    those officials who gave him a pass, and his wife for refusing to have him rehabilitated.

    Again thanks for your public service.

    From: Outraged Ohioan

  2. Chris

     /  August 17, 2011

    “She got a little upset,” Sen. Jordan told a deputy on the recording. “Girls do that.”

    This is what happens when they become a Psycho later. The GOP want submissive wives isn’t it like Bachmann’s husband.

  3. From the same state that brought you Speaker John “Let’s Get to Work Defeating the President” Boehner…

    Ohio, you’re already on notice for Mr. Boehner; don’t make us get all medieval on you over Mr. Jordan. GET. RID. OF. HIM.

    This is why feminism must and will exist – to continue to fight this parochial and misogynistic bent that infects a decent nation, where the plight of women is minimized because men are such “paragons of virtue.”

  4. She usually called his parents when Jordan got drunk and unruly. His parents! This guy is an adult lawmaker in the state of Ohio, but sometimes requires parental discipline.

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