Jews teach hate, too.

No, how would you explain this footage of Jewish Israeli marchers, parading through Palestinian parts of Jerusalem, their pieholes oozing bilious depravity?

Yesterday was Jerusalem Day, the day on which Israel officially celebrates the “reunification” of Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War. I wrote about just how divided the city actually is here and here — but honestly, this tape says it all.

Let’s reverse the nouns: Replace “Muhammad” with “Moses”, “Arabs” with “Jews,” and “leftists” with “rightists” (“may your village burn” can stay the same).

Would the Israeli police provide protection for tens of thousands of Palestinians as they marched through Jewish West Jerusalem and chanted (while outside a synagogue) “Moses is dead!” and (while entering the Old City’s Jewish Quarter ) “slaughter the Jews”?

If the answer is no — and I think we’re pretty clear on the fact that the answer is no — then we can no longer pretend that Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents receive anything even remotely like fair treatment. No, what Palestinian Jerusalemites receive at the hands of their city’s authorities is the freedom to watch thousands of people march past their homes, singing and dancing, declaring them unworthy to live where they live, and lustily calling for their slaughter.

It’s important to remember that these marchers don’t represent the majority of Israeli Jewish opinion. First of all, only about 33% of Israel’s Jews consider themselves “religious” (most of the people seen in this video are modern Orthodox), and when asked about the possibility of a two-state solution, a majority of Israeli Jews have consistently expressed their support (which is to say: They would not say that Palestinians have no right to be in what is here referred to as “the Land of Israel”).

On the other hand, though, one almost never hears a hue and cry raised (other than in very specific, little-listened to corners) over this type of behavior in mainstream Israeli society, and reports like “Half of Israeli high schoolers oppose equal rights for Arabs” are also forever coming to light. Which is to say: The loathsome, godless cretins seen above don’t reflect what most Israeli Jews think — but neither are most Israeli Jews terribly bothered by them.

And that’s a tremendous problem.

The next time someone tells me that Arabs can’t be trusted because they hate us — I’m going to show them this tape. The next time someone tells me Israel has no partner for peace — I’m going to show them this tape. And the next time someone tries to tell me about the glory that is unified Jerusalem — I’m going to show them this tape.

These people are a blight and a shanda on my nation, a blight and a shanda on my religion. Shame on them. Shame on us.


  1. i want to say i’m disgusted, but that seems like an understatement here.

  2. The God of Abraham weeps for Israel. His children have once more been led astray. There can be no peace where such a display is considered acceptable.

  3. Mary

     /  June 2, 2011

    The righteous among the nations.. where are they in 2011? Who are they, who are they consoling and aiding? What truths are they trying to tell?

    I think you are very courageous, Emily.

  4. Darth Thulhu

     /  June 2, 2011

    That’s positively chilling. After swapping the words as you’ve done, you’d just need to Photoshop the flags to Islamist crescents and you’d be done.

    Thanks for this.

  5. Shai Gluskin

     /  June 2, 2011

    Very depressing. Important to bear witness to. Thanks for sharing.

    Can we take Yom Yerushalayim off the calendar now?

  6. JSF

     /  June 3, 2011

    This breaks my heart and at the same time makes me ashamed that my tax dollars are being spent to support this so blindly.

  7. arab&muslim

     /  June 4, 2011

    I can’t seem to find a link to the video being referred to in this article, maybe cuz I’m using my phone? :s but I have one thing to say, based purely on this article cuz I haven’t read anything else of yours before, I can only say you are one good and courageous individual. I wish more people and officials spoke out. God bless u.

  8. Jim

     /  June 9, 2011

    “The righteous among the nations.. where are they in 2011?”

    Right here.

    Anyway, welcome to the human race. So there are Billy Boys in Jerusalem, Belfast with sun. That’s what you get for being human. There is a wicked tribalist side to human nature, always ready to foul everything, and the only answer is to watch for it like the first sign of cancer and never to indulge it. And never to honor it.

    And no one, no one, is immune.

    I followed you here from THC’s place. You have a very good blog, Ms. Hauser.

  9. Ryan Schneider

     /  June 30, 2011

    Clearly the hatred espoused in this video is wrong. Calling for the death of anyone is wrong. It’s wrong when the people in this video do it; it’s wrong when Arabs do it; it’s wrong when Muslim Jihadists do it in reference to America. It was wrong when the Nazi’s did it in Germany. Clearly we as a race still have not learned our lessons from the past. This behavior is based on hatred, and hatred comes from fear. Love is the opposite, and the antidote, to fear. Rather than calling for the deaths of others, we should all be sitting down and enjoying a meal and showing each other photographs of our children, and finding ways to help each other make a better life, and a better world, for our children.

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