Good stuff: But will Pampers pay for the extra college costs?

The husband and I have exactly the right amount of kids for us: Two.

The two best, smartest, funniest, sweetest kids on the planet — kids who were unfailingly polite at the hairdresser’s today as they they got their hair cut, and reduced each other to helpless laughter tonight as we all played a board game. The boy and the girl are my sun, my moon and my stars, and with the husband as terra firma, we’re just as we should be.

But I would be lying if I said this Pampers commercial doesn’t make me sort of long — a little wee bit — to hold a baby again.

h/t The Hairpin — which you should mos def check out, for it is an ab-fab blog.


  1. Darth Thulhu

     /  May 25, 2011

    If you’re going to have a pro-life campaign, that’s the way to do it: adorable and attractive, rather than shrill and condemning. (Also: free of legal coercion, which is a big plus.)

    But mostly: d’aaaaawwwww

  2. Lise

     /  May 26, 2011

    I love, love, love that they showed a home birth. That’s kind of amazing. And, of course, the whole thing made me cry. I’ve welcomed nearly 800 babies through my hands so far, and I think that until the day I dissolve back into the Universe, I’ll wish for the chance to catch just…one…more…

    • I know, right? It was inclusive in so many ways, and in such a wonderful “these are all ways people live” way. I really love it. It made me feel better about using disposal diapers all those years, because they were always Pampers…!

  3. k___bee

     /  May 30, 2011

    I’m not gonna lie – when they showed that adorable baby with the white mom and the black dad, and used the caption about raising a child bilingually, it was like they were asking me specifically to get knocked up ASAP

  4. Krista

     /  May 30, 2011

    My daughter was born ten weeks early in 2006. When I saw that stretching baby in the NICU, it made me smile and cry all over again.

    I loved how inclusive it was of all the ways families are made—what an awesome commercial. 🙂


    • (I tear up a little every single time I watch it, and I would not like to tell you how often I’ve watched it…!)

      • Krista

         /  June 1, 2011

        LOL, I’ve watched it more times than I care to count. And we were a Pampers family too. 🙂