In which my domination of all the internets continues apace.

Lately, I have started appearing in a bunch of corners of the internet. Well, four. Four corners. Which suggests that the internet is square, so do with that what you will.

Here are the corners!

  1. As you may or may not recall,  I crosspost at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, in spite of being only an Angry Lady and not in the least bit Black. The other people who post there are: Angry Black Lady (who occasionally also posts as stopthemadness – don’t ask me, I don’t understand it either), asiangrrlMN (also a Not-Black-Angry-Lady), and Allan (not a Lady and, if possible, even more White than I am, but definitely Angry). All three (four, if you count ABL & stm as two people) aren’t just Angry, they are also Funny, and Smart, and very much worth reading. So it is highly recommended that you check it!
  2. I also now have a regular Friday column on the Americans for Peace Now blog. Whoot! I’ll be recommending books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some will be new, some will be rather old, and none will be (it should go without saying but for some reason it never does) perfect. But all will be worth the read, and will help fill in some of the blanks on Israel, Palestine, the conflict, and the people. I will lean heavily in the direction of the Palestinian narrative, as so little information is widely available from that side of the fight, but I will not do so exclusively, by any stretch. This, too, I urge you to check!
  3. I will now be cross-posting, kinda-sorta at will, at NonProphet Status, too! NonProphet Status is the blog of Christopher Stedman, a tireless advocate for atheist-interfaith cooperation, currently the Interfaith and Community Service Fellow for the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University and the Managing Director of State of Formation at the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue. Chris always has a lot of interesting material up at his site, some of it his, some of it from other guest posters (I was there myself a little bit ago, talking about the godless man I married), and he is also, according to all the signs of such things, a real peach of a guy. Again, you know what you must do. You must check it!
  4. This one isn’t an on-going thing, but I never did mention it here, so: I’m very proud to say that my recent post about the need for Israelis to recognize the humanity and grief of their Palestinian enemies was picked up by Ma’an News Agency, a Palestinian news service, and from there, was translated into French by a blogger at the Swiss Tribune de Genève. There’s been some talk of having it translated to Arabic, also at Ma’an, and if that happens, I’ll let you know!

And in other news! Please note that I’ve done a little light housekeeping over to your right.

I now have two separate Israel/Palestine blogrolls (one for folks on the ground, one for folks like me), and the new one includes two new listings: Mitchell Plitnick’s The Third Way and The Magnes Zionist. Both men bring enormous insight and real care to their writing and analysis.  Here’s Mitchell Plitnick on the fact that the recent op/ed by Judge Richard Goldstone in the Washington Post indicates the need for a deeper look at the Gaza War and international law (not to mention clarifying for me the unavoidable fact that yes, Virginia, the UN Human Rights Commission — a body in which China and Saudi Arabia are member states — is in fact biased against Israel):

In the end, these are not simple criminal investigations. The entire process is not a legal one which is held to some sort of standard of objectivity. It has been subject to political pressures from ALL DIRECTIONS from the very beginning, and every time a new twist in this saga hits the news, everyone tries to spin it to their advantage.

And here’s The Magnes Zionist on the same op/ed, in which Judge Goldstone essentially edited his report on the Gaza War in light of new information:

It is the unfortunate fate of Judge Richard Goldstone to be condemned and praised for what he doesn’t write. The responses to his op-ed in Washington Post from the Israel advocates are laughable. Even a superficial reading of the op-ed shows that he has not retracted a single comma in the Goldstone Report, nor does he express any regret for having written the report the way it was written. He simply says that had he known then what he knows now, the report would have been different.

I’ve also added Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go!, Dave von Eber’s the corner tavern and Adam Serwer (at The American Prospect) in the smart people blogroll — each blog is in fact awesome, and you should in fact Go! to all three (funny story: I learned about Dave von Eber’s blog via Adam Serwer, who I follow on Twitter, and it turns out Dave is more or less my neighbor and our boys go to the same school. The world? She is this tiny!).




  1. dmf

     /  April 5, 2011

    nice to see you getting the recognition that your work deserves, keep building that resume…

  2. Wow, congrats! You really are working on that domination thing. If you happen to need like, a guy to run around your world domination palace yelling strange things at reporters to keep them distracted from your shenanigans, let me know. Because I, uh, might know a guy.

    • Wow this cracked me up! I mean: I will bear that in mind!

      You may tell said guy that he may forward his running-around resume to my minions.

  1. More on Goldstone. This from the Palestine Chronicle |