Two brief notes: Jerusalem and Libya.

  1. I imagine I will be writing about the bombing in Jerusalem today, but not yet. I have to get through some work, and possibly more to the point, some more processing of the events. These days, a lot of my mental processing happens on Twitter — here’s my feed, if you want to see where my brain has gone thus far. If you want to see what I’ve written about the conflict in the past, you can go to the Israel/Palestine category, to your right, and here’s my take on the history of it, in general terms: Israel/Palestine: The basics.
  2. My friend and sometime blog boss, Angry Black Lady, also happens to be a Very Smart Black Lady Lawyer, and she wrote the most righteous opus on the decision to declare a No Fly Zone over Libya that I have yet to see, or will likely ever see. Almost better yet, it’s punctuated with actual humor (I know! Humor in the middle of Srs Bizness! Whoddathunk?), and the frequent acknowledgment that there is much that neither she nor anyone else can possibly know at this point. I can’t recommend it highly enough: Libya? I hardly know ya!

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  1. evilado

     /  March 23, 2011

    Can’t thank you enough for recommending the Angry Black Lady piece. Really cut through a bunch of the issues that have been fogging up the discussion for me.

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