Good stuff: A break, a breather, a moment.

I spent the week dealing here (and elsewhere) with virulent Islamophobia, new-and-improved stupidity emanating out of Israel, the insanity that unfolded in Wisconsin, and, last but not least, rape.

And then there was an earthquake and a tsunami in Japan, with all the suffering and grief and wide-eyed horror that entails…. I send thoughts and prayers to the Japanese people, wishes for healing and recovery, wishes for… some kind of sense in a world that makes no sense at all right now, I’m sure.

And to you, my loyal and lovely readers, I offer a break. I need a break, you need a break, I think pretty much everybody needs a break after this horrible-no-good-very-bad week. And so, after the jump, you will find: Comedy! And music! (Including one rather cheeky little number!) And such like! Please enjoy, please breathe deep, and please don’t forget that in the midst of all the sorrow, the search for joy is also important. We are not required to know every awful thing at all times. We can take a break, to seek joy.

First, let’s just lay down in the grass and stare up at the sky awhile….

Next, a belly laugh or three. Or twelve. Or twenty-seven.


And finally, a little music — two rather different takes on the loss of love! Both very, very dance-inducing.



  1. Eddie….Eddie….love my Eddie!

  2. dmf

     /  March 12, 2011

    better late than never, for moral holidays and friday:

    None of this is personal, not the way you’d think.
    The moon keeps on traveling and I can see it
    from my balcony each night and each night
    different but it’s not my own, not like we want

    things to be our very own. But it sways me
    nevertheless and stands in for certain losses
    and gains and for even that much I’m grateful.
    I stand at the back door and stare.

    “Personal” by Irene McKinney,

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