Good stuff: Huzzah! Your day in stupid. (The good kind).

So. Apparently the people of Tunisia are rising up to claim what’s theirs (and along the way providing astonishing evidence that maybe FourSquare can be a power for good) and — as is the way in such things — are being met with brutal violence.

Meanwhile, here in America, on the same day that Sarah Palin equated her PR difficulties with the slaughter of countless thousands of Jews (in the words of my fave rave Ta-Nehisi: “What part of ‘Sarah Palin’ don’t you understand?”), the President delivered a speech I hear was quite moving at a memorial service I hear was quite odd in honor of those killed in last Saturday’s attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords life.

I wouldn’t really know though.

I haven’t been following the Tunisia story, I didn’t watch the President, and I’m not even really sure what Palin said (other than it involved the words “blood libel”). I’ve embedded a bunch of links that look helpful, but I wouldn’t want you to think I’d actually read them (well, I actually read the FourSquare thing, and Ta-Nehisi’s post. And that one tweet) — because the crazy people in my life, and the crazy people in the lives of people very dear to me, appear to have decided to hold a virtual crazy conference over the past few days, with today being the plenary or something, and man oh man alive, my bones have been sucked of their very marrow. I have nothing in me for Tunisia or Tucson. I’ll have to catch up tomorrow.

But like yesterday, I’m banking on the fact that even if (perhaps especially if) you have been paying attention to Tunisia or Tucson (or the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, or the floods in Australia, or the political crisis in Lebanon) (nope, didn’t read those links either. But they’re all from the New York Times, so you’re probably in good hands) — you, like me, could might maybe use a wee bit o’ stupid right about now.

And so! Herewith I present you with a short and surely very random collection of some of the very best stupid the intertrons can provide! Huzzah!

You are, as they say, so very welcome.

1) 30 Second “Harry Potter Years 1-5 Part 1” (in Bun-o-vision!).

2) 30 Second “Harry Potter Years 1-5 Part 2” (what, you thought I’d make you look for Part 2? I’m not cruel!) (Though I have to say: If you have to do your 30 second Bun-o-vision in two parts, you’re not really sticking with your own self-imposed limitations, now are you?)

PS How is it that Bunny Harry Potter actually looks like Daniel Radcliffe? Weird, man! Moving on.

3) How It Should Have Ended: Lord of the Rings (honestly, people, you have giant eagles…)

4) How It Should Have Ended: The Empire Strikes Back (because of course. Duh).

And finally….

5) Cee-Lo’s epic ode to the brokenhearted, “Fuck You,” as interpreted in American Sign Language — verily, the awesome sauce, it has been poured!

Life. Sometimes it’s just better when it’s stupid.


  1. BJonthegrid

     /  January 13, 2011

    Did your eleven year old put you up to this? My eleven year old has seen all the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies he gives your medley a “thumbs up”.

  2. sissyvandyke

     /  January 13, 2011

    Loved it! Feeling better already. May I add another stupid to the bunch? Two of my favorite movies: Kill Bill 1 & 2 in one minute.

  3. Darth Thulhu

     /  January 15, 2011

    The unity event was definitely weird in the way any Revival cum memorial would be – the city was half-dead and numb with shock for days, so it was honoring the lost and cheering the martyrs and survivors and heroes. The Tucsonan tendency to be enthusiastic in praising endurance definitely came through.

    I posted my (very very long) thoughts on attending the event over in Coatesia, under Ms. Hing’s post about the Tucson speech.

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