Bloggy holiday gifts.

Well, it may not be my holiday, but I didn’t feel any more like working today than you did! So I’ll throw up a few nice links and leave it at that:

  1. Russ King’s “Meditation on keeping Christ in Christmas” – the best, more Christian reply I’ve seen to the War on Christmas warriors yet.
  2. Nefarious Newt on Christmas, reminding us that “where people do not have, where people feel want, it is because we have shirked our human duty” – “Messenger.”
  3. Easily one of the most beautiful stories you’ll read today, a testament to the many kinds of love there are in the world: A teenager’s simple act elevates all. (Nothing to do with Christmas, actually, except, in a way, everything to do with Christmas).
  4. The funniest spoken word piece about Christmas that you will ever hear: “Six to Eight Black Men,” David Sedaris.
  5. The funniest Christmas-related comic that you will ever read: “The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas,” Hyperbole and a Half.
  6. Me being cranky about Christmas: “It’s gone up to 11 long enough.” — but, to make up for it…
  7. Me being very much less cranky about Christmas, and all our holidays: “The season.” Because after all, it really is all just about trying to bring a bit more light into our world’s dark corners.

Merry Christmas to those who will be making merry, and to all my Jews: Shabbat Shalom!


  1. j0lt

     /  December 24, 2010

    Hyperbole and a half how did I not know? A bloggy present full of laughter. Thanks

  2. BonnyAnne

     /  December 24, 2010

    as a cheerful Dutch-American lady who grew up with Sinterklaas and the Swarte Piets, I can attest to David Sedaris’ brilliance. It did not occur to me until adulthood (partially, until I heard Six to Eight Black Men for the first time) just how weird the Dutch are about Christmas. The blackface is beyond embarrassing, but… despite what it still seems to me, it is really not normal to automatically picture Santa on a shining white horse, floating gently up the canal.