Couple things.

  1. Sooo. Remember that whole “I don’t comment in my own comments section” thingie? I think I’m going to stop that. I was worried that a lot of folks would be coming here to yell n’ scream, and I didn’t want the fights. It has since occurred to me, however, that I do not, in fact, need to engage, if that happens, and that furthermore, it doesn’t appear that it will happen much. Also, too, I was worried that I would feel pressure (self-generated, as so much of the pressure I feel is) to respond to every single comment all the time, and it has since occurred to me that I don’t have to. So, I believe I will institute the Ta-Nehisi Coates school of comment replies: sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on mood, available time, and, no doubt, whimsy. Sheer whimsy!
  2. FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T FORGET TO SHOP IN THE MARKETPLACE! (There’s even an update in the “Reading material” section!) Year-end bonus or Visa giftcard burning a hole in your pocket? Come drop some dosh on those you cyberknow and cyberlove! They’re clever and talented, and fun, to boot! Click here!

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  1. zic

     /  December 26, 2010

    Glad you reconsidered; makes the whole thing more worth the while. We read because we want to engage in your sweetest-person-ever awesome sauce; makes us sweeter, too.

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