Sunday (not terribly) brief: Don’t forget!

Last week I encouraged folks to list the various wares they make and sell for fun n’ profit, for the perusal of whomsoever might want to peruse. You can check out that post (“Holiday Marketplace“) in its entirety (and post queries to the various makers/writers/photographers/etc-er-ers in the comments), or you can use this here as a window shopping gateway:

Reading material:

  1. Paul Wartenberg, commenter at both Ta-Nehisi Coates’s blog and Balloon Juice, has a book out: Last of the Grapefruit Wars, about which he sez: “The book is a collection of short stories I wrote between my college years (1990) to 2003. The genres bounce from character pieces, to science fiction, action thriller, coming of age, and pure dialogues. Levied throughout are tidbits of witticisms, some of the stories full-bore attempts at humor. Includes Author’s Notes to justify how bad the grammar gets in some of the tales;-)” To check out the analog version on Amazon, click here; to consider the e-book, click here.
  2. Russell King, who writes a killer political (but-not-always-political) blog, Russ’ Filtered News, has a book out: A Hint of Frost — Essays on the Earth, about which he sez:  “Back in the 80s and 90s, I wrote a newspaper column for several small newspapers around Wisconsin. It started out being your typical camping/hiking/fishing ‘outdoor’ column, but quickly evolved into a weekly musing on the Earth, the kids and whatever else I was pontificating on in those days. It sells for $16 on Amazon. I’ll send you a copy for just $7.50. Heck, I’ll even autograph it (thereby driving its value down to $3.50!) . Drop me note and I’ll tell you where to send the check: russell_k_king (at)” (You might also want to check out his “Meditation on keeping Christ in Christmas [a would-be viral email],” the best, most Christian response I’ve ever seen to the “War on Christmas” nonsense).
  3. pdfreedman (who I’m pretty sure I know from Balloon Juice, but honestly, I sometimes get my intertrons confused, it might be TNC!), blogs here, and edits, lays out, and occasionally writes for a music-n-more magazine called Burning Ambulance, about which he sez: “The new one features articles on saxophonists Anthony Braxton and Jon Irabagon, trumpeter David Weiss, an electronic music group called the Moritz von Oswald Trio, an essay on 1960s Hollywood and studios’ attempts to court the ‘youth audience,’ an excerpt from a book on progressive heavy metal, and a piece on composing for orchestra by an actual composer. The magazine is $10 for a print copy (paperback, no ads, 104 pages) or $5 for a download.” Click here to purchase (and if you go to the blog, there’s a discount code available!)
  4. Peter Cashwell, commenter at TNC’s place, has a book out: The Verb ‘To Bird’, about which he sez: “A couple of years ago I wrote a book about birding. (It’s also about non-lending libraries, venomous insects, sports marketing, and animated Christmas specials.) Barnes & Noble made it a Discover! pick. The Independent Booksellers Association made it a BookSense 76 pick. And for some reason, Martha Stewart liked it and let me plug it on her TV show. Makes a great Christmas gift! Never needs winding! Removes embarrassing stains from contour sheets!” To check out Peter Cashwell’s book on Amazon, click here.
  5. 12/21/10 update: Cassandra2, over at TNC, has thrown her writer’s hat in the ring! Click here for a list of her writings (poetry, fiction) and/or to listen to her latest poem.


  1. ajw93, commenter at Ta-Nehisi’s blog, sells her photography on etsy, which she describes very simply as “Landscape, architecture.” Click here to see what she means!
  2. baiskeli writes “I do photography on the side and I do sell my photos online.” Click here to see what manner of photography baiskeli does on the side!


  1. zic, from TNC’s place, designs knitting patterns, and sells them on Ravelry. She writes:  “If you have a knitter you love, take a look. And thank you.” Click here for zic’s patterns (I believe you’ll have to register, but it’s free and from what I hear, it’s worth it to see zic’s stuff!). Update: Not sure what to make of this, as I am not a knitter and thus have no experience with Ravelry, but apparently once you set up an account via the above link, you don’t go straight to zic’s stuff. So, if you’re looking for her patterns, I think some names are “Opposing Views,” “Swirled Striped Hat,” and “Rainbow Collar.” (I’m about to send zic an email to try to see if she can help me figure this out!). Update to the update: zic left a reply on my comment at TNC’s place, in which she sez: “I think you have to register, even though I’ve set the patterns to be visible by anyone…. My user name is the same, zic, and I’m registered as designer Rebecca Zicarelli; both should get you there.”
  2. Persia, from both TNC and Balloon Juice, has a friend with a fiber store on etsy. Persia sez: “My friend Kristen just opened up her fiber shop, with mohair blend yarns and roving. I’ve met her goats and they are delightful, and the yarn is too!” To see Kristen’s wares, click here.
  3. Kiran (from Ta-Nehisi? I think?) has made some tote bags in Harry Potter/Gryffindor colors, about which she sez: “This came about from the copious amount of fabric I had left after making 9 robes for the Goblet of Fire premiere night! They come in two sizes, and several different colour & fabric combinations.” To see the an example on etsy, click here.
  4. Scylfing, a commenter at TNC’s place (and apparently a very good son!) suggests we swing by his mother’s etsy shop, Montana KnitWit, “where she sells her handkitted items, especially legwarmers, hoods/cowls/hats, ponchos and cellphone bags.” To view Scyfling’s mother’s handiwork, click here.
  5. Not a seller, but a recycler of unused yarn, Tata (from BJ? I think? + she blogs here) sez: “if you’re a knitter with yarn left over from old projects or a person with yarn in his/her house for no reason you can recall (everyone has yarn; almost no one knows why), please contact me and send it to me. I knit cat blankets for animal shelters. It takes about two hefty skeins to make a blanket, so don’t throw away your old yarn. Thanks!” However, I just realized that she didn’t leave contact information, and I don’t see contact information on her blog, either! So, if you want to help Tata out with this very worthy project, I would say either leave her a comment on the blog (here’s another link), or shoot me an email at elhauser [at] hotmail [dot] com, and I’ll pass it on to her.

In a class of her own:

Laura W., she of Balloon Juice commenting, does beautiful mixed media and pique assiette mosaics, about which she sez: “Most folks are sorta whacky for my vintage jewelry frames. I’ve sold many to Juicers over the last two years. As a matter of fact, an hour ago I shipped a very special memorial jewelry frame to a Juicer, a tribute to his sister’s beloved cat. Half my work is commissioned, which I adore.” For her etsy shop, click here (and for a 15% discount, use this code: MOSAICCATS22); for her blog (“which has a lot of great photos and a new post with another Christmas commission I just completed for a woman who lives with a black Pug and a brown Dachshund”), click here.

All righty then! Go forth and shop! And if you, too, are a creative type and would like me to add you to this list, just leave a comment, and I’ll update the fore-going.

Once the New Year is behind us, I think I’ll create a designated page for those of you out there in the lands of In My Head, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Balloon Juice, or Angry Black Lady Chronicles who make and sell — it wouldn’t be likely to make anyone rich, but I’d love to help you put another dime or two in your pockets!


  1. An internet craftfair/fleamarket/swap meet. Spectacular idea.

  2. Oh Emily, Emily, Emily!
    I just came over here to see how to email you privately in thanks for the lovely comment just now on the Charlie’s Angels Thank You post at Balloon Juice and here I see you pimped me again right here yesterday!

    I really appreciate your thoughtful generosity. It is very touching. What a Good Soul you are.
    Gosh. Thanks. Wow. Sheesh.

    • I’m rethinking my no-commenting in my own commenting section rule, so this seems like a good comment to start with.

      And to say: My pleasure! I hope it brings you a sale or two!

  3. Thanks for the link – and yes, I spotted you at Balloon Juice, where I comment every once in a while.