Good stuff: Check it out!

Hey! Remember back when I confessed my internet crush on Angry Black Lady? Remember all those awesome comments she’s left on various posts around here? Remember how very, very cool she is?

Well, my goodness me if she hasn’t asked me to cross-post at her award-winning blog, Angry Black Lady Chronicles! (No, really! I know!)

This is a very, very cool turn of events, and has me oddly nervous. One never knows how one will fit in with a new crowd, does one? But one will try one’s humble best! One swears it.

Mostly I imagine I’ll be putting up identical posts, but here’s the one in which I introduced myself over there — and it’s worth noting that not only should you read the ABLC for the wit and wisdom of ABL herself (I mean: chuh!), but also for her other new cross-poster, asiangrrlMN, she of Balloon Juice fame/awesome-comments-left-on-this-here-blog-right-here.

Honestly, what are you still doing here? Go read asiangrrl’s introductory post, and then move on to her first official post, and then, while you’re there, you really should read ABL’s post on her friend the pole dancer, Pole Cricket. Because where else will you read a post about a pole dancer featuring the lines

Good on ya, Tash!  I would say, “You go girl!” but this ain’t 1992, and I ain’t Oprah.

Instead, I’ll say “Good show, old chap!” and heartily clap you on the back.

Nowhere, that’s where.



  1. Girl, I couldn’t sleep after I posted my first post (not the intro, which should have been first, but the other post) because I was so nervous. But, now that I’m over that (yeah, right), it’s gonna be fun. You, me, and ABL? Oh, yeah, we’re going to tear it up.

  2. dmf

     /  December 18, 2010

    we knew her when, kudos to you and asgrr, there is a 70’s action flick in this new combo

    • We’re thinking more like Charlie’s Angels. I’m the smart one, of course! Oh wait. Not in this crowd, I’m not!

      • dmf

         /  December 19, 2010

        well if we are going with your actual e-personae i can see that but the names are pretty grindhouse, tho ee needs something more commando/massad…

  3. yay indeed! i’m so excited about this for serious. synchronize your watches to FUCKING AWESOME.

  4. dmf, hm. Good point. It would be a rollicking good time!

  5. Lise

     /  December 19, 2010

    …and, I’ll add, GOOD JOB with the Snoopy Dance of Joy!