I’m going home.

Right – so I’m off to Israel! In like /checks clock/ half an hour! Yikes!

So, obviously, I didn’t manage to post yesterday, and this won’t really be much — but I wanted to leave a few links up, in case people came here looking for my usual Israel/Palestine rantings and/or ravings. I may post from the road, and I may not. I’m more than a bit nervous that I will lose my wee little audience if I disappear for two weeks, but we’ll just have to see what the days bring.

And so!

While there, we be attending two events that I’m very pleased to be able to take part in. The first is a benefit concert for the wonderful Combatants for Peace, former combatants from both sides of the divide who work together as a mutual support group and peace advocacy organization. Here’s an article I wrote about them a few years ago: In the Mideast, Combatants for Peace, here’s an op/ed that one of their members (who I had earlier interviewed for my article) ran in The Forward after his 10 year old daughter Abir was shot to death by Israeli forces: A Plea for Peace from a Bereaved Palestinian Father. Click here for the Combatants website and here to learn more about the benefit, which will feature David Broza, Achinoam Nini (also known as Noa), Mira Awad and poet Agi Mishol. (If you’re feeling generous and have a little spare dosh to send their way, I know they could use it!)

We’ll also be attending one of the weekly protests held by Just Jerusalem in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of the Palestinian part of Jerusalem. The protests have now been going on for a year and a week, and I’m very, very pleased that my family and I will finally get to stand where we belong, and demand justice for the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem. Click here for Just Jerusalem’s website, and here to learn about the how and why of their activities.

Of course, both Combatants for Peace and Just Jerusalem are always permalinked over there to your right, under Israel/Palestine.

And should you want to learn more about the conflict, you can always go to these earlier posts:

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And finally, should you be wondering how I’m feeling about this trip, this post, Reason #12,087 that I hate the occupation, should give you a pretty good idea….

Peace out, my babies! Be good!

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  1. Godspeed, safe travels. Don’t post much, but always read you. You’ll be missed while you’re away.

  2. Donna Rowsell

     /  November 19, 2010

    Safe travels, see you next year!

  3. Safe travels, ee. I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. dave in texas

     /  November 23, 2010

    Be safe. And while I can’t promise I’ll be good, I’ll at least promise to be careful.

  5. Enjoy! Come back with lots of stories. I may have started The Arab-Israeli Reader by the time you get back, so maybe I’ll be able to comment more on your Israel/Palestine threads.

  6. dmf

     /  November 26, 2010

    for abBe and friday:

    The beauty of people in the subway
    that evening, Saturday, holding the door for whoever
    was slower or
    left behind
    (even with
    all that Saturday-night
    & the high-school boys from Queens, boasting,
    joking together
    proudly in their expectations
    & power, young frolicsome
    & the three office-girls
    each strangely beautiful, the Indian
    with dark skin & the girl with her haircut
    very short and fringed, like Joan
    at the stake, the corners
    of her mouth laughing
    & the black girl delicate
    as a doe, dark-brown in pale-brown clothes
    & the tall woman in a long caftan, the other day,
    serene & serious & the Puerto Rican
    holding the door for more than 3 minutes for
    the feeble, crippled, hunched little man who
    could not raise his head,
    whose hand I held, to
    help him into the subway-car—
    so we were
    joined in helping him & someone,
    seeing us, gives up his seat,
    from us what we had learned from each other.

    “New York Subway” by Hilda Morley