Good stuff: Delete delete delete.

At various intervals in my busy day, I worked on a post that I hoped to put up by 3:00, by 5:30, by 8:00, before I went to bed.

Then at about 9:30 I just trashed the whole thing.

It wasn’t that it was a terrible post — it’s just that it wasn’t a very good one, and it was likely to make a lot of people mad. I’m pretty ok with making people mad if I’m making sense and have a decent point, but if all I’m doing is whining? Well now, that’s just silly.

I will tell you this though: The title was “Jews acting like asshats.” The headline alone kept me clinging to the text for longer than I should have. You can’t tell me that’s not an awesome headline.

But a headline does not a post make, and for only (I believe) the second time in this blog’s storied history, I judged it wiser to just give up. Sometimes the best success can be found in admitting failure. Or something. I’m sure there’s an aphorism to that effect.

But then I put the second kid to bed and turned my attention to a work project that’s due tomorrow, thinking, you know, as is my responsible wont: “Well, get a jump on that, then,” and only now did it occur to me that this means I have nothing — NOTHING! — to post. Gasp! And gee. I didn’t mean for that to happen!

So in lieu of a post, I’ll give you a handful of Good Stuff to click on, should you be interested in the work of people who did not write-write-write and then delete-delete-delete.

1. Hajj for Heathens – a gorgeous, captivating, and wry-but-not-arch photo essay by Omar Chatriwala over at Boing Boing, commemorating the annual Muslim pilgrimage season, or hajj:

Every year—on exactly the same days, as far as Muslims are concerned—literally millions of people descend upon the original Mecca™ of Saudi Arabia and its surrounding holy sites in pilgrimage….

Muslims arrive from all corners of the globe (they check the secret handshake, so no point trying to get in non-believers). Women wear what they please (don’t they always?) while men don two towels, meant partly as as a way of levelling rich and poor (not so different from a locker room, smells included).

Part of the challenge—and it is meant to be a challenge—is simply getting along with so many people from so many different backgrounds….

And by the way: To any Muslim readers – Eid mubarak, a blessed holiday!

2) A Call to Arms (And Abs, Quads, Calves and Shoulders) – a delightful post about women’s bodies and women’s strength by Morning Gloria, Jezebel’s new Sunday editor and one of my favorite commenters back when I was a Jezebel commenter and she was but-a-commenter. You can find more of her amusing smartness on her tumblr, these go to 11., perma-linked on my Jezebel blogroll, to your right.

I bought a women’s fitness magazine the other day and almost every page equated fitness with losing weight. Get bikini ready in seven days! Lose 12 pounds by tomorrow by doing these three exercises! Hungry? Eat seven almonds! Fuck that.

Your body was made for so much more than being looked at, deprived of food, and enjoyed by others. Your body was made for kicking some ass.

3) This absolutely that’s-just-wrong, made-me-spit-with-horrified-laughter Cake Wrecks post. Especially for those who have ever had trouble sleeping! /a quiet cackle is heard from the blogger….

Enjoy! Perhaps the whole writing thing will work out for me tomorrow.


PS – Did you know that spell-check thinks that “asshats” isn’t a word? (The spell-check golem suggests “assets”). I protest, spell-check! Not only is “asshats” a word — it’s a fabulous word! Nothing says “asshats” like “asshats.” (Also, apparently, “golem” — not so much a word, either. What I think I’m saying here is that spell-check is anti-Semitic).


  1. devin

     /  November 16, 2010

    I read this and thought of you:

    We’ll see I suppose, but anyway! Thought I’d share. Best of luck with your project and your trip!

  2. dave in texas

     /  November 16, 2010

    Spellcheck also insists that asshat’s close relative, and one of my favorites–assclown–isn’t a word, either. It’s a lot like asshat, but with a dollop of ridiculousness thrown in, e.g., Tom DeLay and Dick Cheney are asshats while Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin are assclowns. As you might expect, there can be quite a bit of overlap, since asshattery and assclownitude are pretty closely related. Rick Perry, for example, is both an asshat and an assclown.

    Hope that’s helpful.