In which I continue to not talk about the elections.

Important hair update! If you’re considering doing the no ‘poo thing, don’t miss the important update toward the end of my earlier post!

…but having said that, I did decide, all-of-a-panicky-sudden, to volunteer with my local Democrats to get the vote out, and so spent the afternoon knocking on doors and making phone calls. Which is to say: The hours are gone!

So, though I had some bolder plans before I ran out to canvass the people, I’mma settle for: More talk about hair! As led by yesterday’s comments.

dmf sez that his mother “has taken to just brushing her hair with a brush covered in cheesecloth” – to which I can only say: How on earth? If you cover the brush with cheesecloth, it canna act as a brush! It’s like covering a hedgehog with a sack, and still being afraid of its quills! I call shenanigans, dmf, and would like to suggest that your mother is pulling your leg. (Or your hair).

seussmd sez “Let us know about the shampoo experiment…” – indeed I shall! Probably in excruciating and possibly yucky detail.

Karin S. sez that she’s going to see if her daughter is interested “in the ‘poo experiment.” I suggest you do not call it that. Rare is the pre-adolescent girl who will want to hear the words “poo” and “your hair” in close proximity to each other. Even if it is the “No ‘Poo” movement. Hide the truth from your children, is what I’m saying here.

Spiffy McBang sez “…the times I’ve done that, it becomes an unholy, nigh-unbrushable mess. Does that go away too over time?” I’m glad you asked! That’s the theory, anyway, and so far, that’s what appears to be happening to my kopf. The “unbrushable” part was frankly the most surprising bit — I expected grease. I did not expect tangles.

absurdbeats sez

I’ve gone days not shampooing while camping, and my hair just gets. . . pitiful. It gives up, sighs itself flat, and sulks greasily until I stick my head under a spigot or hose or nearby lake.

And even that’s not enough: Soap, please, my hair says. We don’t care what kind or if you condition, but if you don’t give us soap THISINSTANT we will lay down like cement against your misshapen little skull.

To which I can only say – I know! That’s what happens! I told you that! And THEN it gets better. But if you insist on staying on the lather side of the debate anyway, ab, well then, in the spirit of restoring bipartisanship to a weary nation, I say: We can, as you suggest, “still be friends across this great and soapy divide.” But I’ll mock your shampoo expenses.

And finally, asiangrrlMN (who is probably rounding word #30,000 in her NaNoWriMo efforts right about now) sez: “Keep up the good work” – which, for reasons I cannot explain, so amused me as a response to a post about not washing my hair that I literally LOL’ed. Frequently! Me keep up the good work, asiangrrl? No, you – you keep up the good work! The good work of cracking me up!

And finallyfinally, I love looking at that little list of people — some of whom I wouldn’t recognize if I tripped over them on my way out the front door — and realizing how far-flung this internet thingamahoozie has made the list of people I consider friends.

Karin S. is one of my dearest RL friends; she and I worked on the Obama campaign together, have held each other’s hands (and made cake for each other), and can each recall when the other’s little girl had curly hair. seussmd was my first real boyfriend, and we met when we cut school with mutual friends to see The Empire Strikes Back on the first day it was out (we sat through two showings, if memory serves). Spiffy McBang and I go all the way back to the glory days of Jezebel (the past is always better! Surely you know that by now!), asiangrrlMN growls at the world with me at Balloon Juice (while also being something of a combo den-mother-social-glue. She’s very versatile!), and dmf and absurdbeats are among the souls I’ve come to know via the magic that is Ta-Nehisi Coates’s blog — dmf doesn’t comment there any more, so I’m lucky he comes here, and absurdbeats often reads to me as if surely we must have met already! And perhaps we did. In some other, lathery/soap-free life.

Talk will not be of hair tomorrow. Pinky swear.

PS This doesn’t count as one of those carefully constructed writing structures I waxed on about the other day. Also pinky swear.


  1. Sydnew

     /  November 2, 2010

    A while ago I was hunting for my cell phone charger and realized that I’d not unpacked from a trip that I’d taken ten days earlier. That quickly led me to the realization that I’d also not brushed my hair in ten days. I think it depends on the hair, but it works for mine. That said, the no poo thing kind of does scare me–I’m not sure how to schedule the first five days or so. Are you on vacation or just toughing out the social experience?

  2. dmf

     /  November 2, 2010

    ha, it is one of those 80s’ brushes with the rows of long plastics ‘quills’ which push thru the cloth which is a very thin layer, thanks for making the last minute push for the cause did you sign up for rahm’s campaign yet?

    • dmf

       /  November 3, 2010

      hey i’m going to see nicholas kristof speak tonight any thoughts/questions that you have for him?

  3. k not K

     /  November 3, 2010

    No poo is too much experiment for me, but I bought some sulfate free hippie shampoo (seriously, I even inadvertently picked the one with patchouli scent… yikes) and I think it’s really been improving my hair not to have it stripped of all the natural oils and stuff. My scalp also tends to be really itchy, and it’s been getting much better lately!

  4. Ha. I read what you said about the two weeks thing and I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.

    This isn’t me just being partisan: I truly believe that my hair MUST be shampooed. Pro-lather to the end!

    But we can still be friends, right?

  5. Spiffy McBang

     /  November 4, 2010

    Good god, where did this NaNoWriMo come from? Someone asked a few days ago if I partake in it, and I said I’d never heard of it. I’ve seen it mentioned or linked a good half-dozen times since then.

    All I know is, dammit, too many people writing make all my dreams that much harder to achieve! Stop it, you people, stop!

    • It’s loads of fun if you don’t get caught up in the word count. The goal is to write 50,000 words for the month of November. As ee indicated, being prolific is not a problem for me, so I have a different goal this month–producing a novel that is near-publishable by the end of the month.

  6. dave in texas

     /  November 4, 2010

    What is this sham poo you speak of? Me, I want nothing to do with this sham poo. For me, it’s real poo or nothing at all.

  7. ee, hey, girl. Thanks for the shout-out. Your post on hair was exactly what I needed that day. I have been layin’ low since the elections, staying away from anything remotely resembling politics. I am easing my way back into the game whilst still doing the NaNoWriMo thing.

    Hair: My hair is waist-length, so my not washing it every day was a self-preservation thing. I don’t blow-dry it, and it takes twelve hours to completely dry. Then, I noticed that it actually felt better if I wasn’t shampooing it every day. I have gone as long as two weeks without shampooing it, but I find one week to be optimal.

    BJ: I like to think of myself as the late night doyenne, but your description works well, too!

  8. I do believe we not only sat through 2 showings of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK that fateful day in 1981, but we went back to the theater a couple more times in the weeks that followed 🙂

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