Job board experiment + housekeeping

Well, strictly speaking, the job board thing is a housekeeping matter, too.

To wit: I’ve decided to try to do a thing, and am experimenting with establishing a kind of job search bulletin board right here, for those who may be looking, or those who might have some good ideas. It’s there on the right: Lost Battalion Job Board. Explanations, within. Oops, well, it didn’t really fly. I tried!

Also, I’ve added a couple of interesting folks to the blog rolls: 1) Angry Black Lady Chronicles is now under Smart People – because she is, AND she is dang, stinkin’ funny, with a writing style that I covet. So, as we say in the biz: check it! Also: 2) Snarla, a commenter at Balloon Juice (hence her Balloon Juice blog roll location), writes at Anonymous Arabist – various random and not-so-random bits of information about People Who Live While Arab (one of my favorites: If They Hate Us, Why Haven’t They Killed Us Yet?)


  1. …I started placing a job seeker notice on the Job Board… and I froze up.

    I can’t sell myself anymore. :O :{

    • Oh honey….

      Ok, we all know rule #6, I don’t reply in the comments, etc, blah blah, but this seemed like a good time for an exception.

      This little job board doo-hickey might not even take off on any level – I’m just trying something, the “something” being, I think, mostly me trying to find a place of creativity and (dare I say it) hopefulness in my own job search/midlife career crisis.

      Which is to say: If you can’t bring yourself to try (again) to sell yourself here,

      a) just don’t – this is such a wee little effort, and getting yourself into those god-awful knots (that I know all too well) over it is just not worth it. And

      b) at the same time, forgive yourself, and try to find a place in which your can not give up. I know you’re struggling with more than just joblessness, and I know it’s hard to hold on to any positive feelings some days, but find something, somehow, that helps you see your worth (helping out at Literacy Volunteers, making cookies for that friend who likes them, volunteering at the dog shelter, whatever is meaningful to you, even if the relief only lasts for the time that you’re doing that thing). It won’t be work, but it will be worthy. You need to hold on to the knowledge that you’re worthy.

      And finally c) I so thoroughly understand where you’re coming from that I find it hard to put it into words. The inability to find the strength to sell myself one more time is why I stopped trying to write under my by-line. When it got HARDER after, like, 16 years of endless effort, through no fault of my own, I just threw in the towel. It was excruciatingly painful to do so, and often still is, but it was less painful than continuing to try to sell myself.

  2. oh hey, that’s me! haha.

    i added you to my blogroll too.

  3. Hey, thanks!