Book review: Let the Swords Encircle Me.

Hey, look at me being all writerly n’such! I review Scott Peterson’s Let the Sword Encircle Me: Iran – A Journey Behind the Headlines in today’s Dallas Morning News.

The Morning News is only place where my byline still occasionally appears, so every time it does I tend to be very happy about it. To have my byline attached to a review of such a genuinely excellent book is particularly nice! Here’s a brief excerpt – to read the whole review, please click here.

At more than 600 pages, the book’s size might be daunting, but Peterson’s style is riveting, and his ability to keep all the names and details straight nearly Herculean.

From sweaty political rallies in dusty provincial mosques, to vast cemeteries dedicated to Iran’s war dead, from the tea and macaroons of government offices, to the private thoughts of a necessarily very private people, Peterson brings a living, breathing, all-too human Iran into the reader’s hands, and one emerges with a sense of having gained intimate knowledge of, and compassion for, a place too often treated as inscrutable.


  1. dmf

     /  October 3, 2010

    this is well done and i like the blog-plug that you are now getting there but sadly 600 pgs on any topic is about 300 too many for my attention span.
    any truth to the rumor of you campaigning for rahm?

  2. thanks!
    this is right up my alley.

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