Welcome! I have to go now!

I’m so glad that so many new folks are swinging by, and really hope you’ll poke around a little, to see what you might find! In my earlier post, I linked to a few old pieces that show the breadth of subject matter that you’ll find here at In My Head (from Winnie the Pooh to wars in the Middle East), and here are a couple of earlier round-ups: The past is prologue, and The past is prologue II.

I need to point out two important facets of the functioning of this blog, however:

  1. I don’t roll on Shabbos, meaning that I will very soon not be around for nearly 25 hours (until Saturday evening) to do any moderating — which leads to:
  2. All first comments require my approval. Which means you may get stuck in moderation for a little while. But if that happens, I promise to fish you out as soon as I can!

In the meantime, please enjoy the work of my internet pal ajw93! She blogs here (though she needs to post more often… Hey! ajw93! What’s up with that?), and her photography can be purchased here. Enjoy! (And don’t forget to stroll down and gaze at the beauty that is bactrian’s work, as well! Or, just click here).

On a lonely road in the Catskills, I found a mysterious bog of dead trees. Hudson, NY. 2010.

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  1. Can’t really quibble with a Big Lebowski reference. Now, if it were an Eagles reference, we’d have problems.

    That pen really ties the whole place together.

  2. dmf

     /  September 25, 2010

    after all of this attention not checking in on the sabbath will make the sacrifice/discipline of fasting seem like nada, who can imagine the tests of one’s faith?

  3. dmf

     /  September 26, 2010

    ee, more possible outlets for yer good works:

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